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How Is Your Human Resource Department Doing?


Human Resource SolutionsHow is your Human Resource department doing? Do you face challenges staying organized while trying to work efficiently to keep all of your HR related files up-to date? The HR department deals with a wide variety of document types and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed at the sea of information that your company has. The documents that come through this department can range from paper and electronic job applications, employee reviews in MS Word, to employee photographs and signatures retained for security purposes. The difficult part is that all of these documents come from different sources and by using the traditional methods of paper filing and storing it becomes a very messy, expensive operation. 

But wait there's hope! We know that your frustrated at how time consuming it is to search through an employees file looking for one specific piece of paper from 15 years ago. How about the time and energy it takes to stay organized and make sure that everyone's file is updated and complete? There is a solution to all of your HR department nightmares and frustrations. There is a way to run a completely efficient, smooth human resource departments that will save you time and will bring you a great ROI in no time at all. Built around OnBase by Hyland Software, AMS Imaging's HR Document Management Solution makes it possible to automate an entire human resources operation utilizing technology and best practice methodologies. Through this solution you can have immediate secure access to any employee's personal file via the Web. 

Human Resource DepartmentThis great approach to your HR needs enables your employees to take a proactive approach in managing all of their information. They can update their own address, phone number changes, vacation requests, and access their benefit packages as well. Employees like being able to access their own information and it takes the load off of the HR staff to have to update everyones files every time there is a change. It is nice to have a central interface to control and consolidate all of your files into one place that can be easily accessed.  This is the most efficient and secure way to run a cost-effective human resource department that is free from daily headaches and endless paper searches!

If this sounds like something your company could use, let us know! We would love to give you more information!



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