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How to Stay Organized at Work!


Many people struggle to keep their lives organized. We all have extremely busy lives and it seems like there is always something going on, with very little down time! Because of this it can seem like we are always trying to stay on top of our "To Do Lists" and make sure we get everything done! Often times this organization challenge spills over into our work lives. It is important to always be on top of our projects, deadlines, and meeting times. So what are some things that we can do to help us stay more organized at work ? 

Keeping a calendar of deadlines is always helpful. You can choose what form to do this in whether it be in your Outlook calendar, your mobile calendar , or maybe its just the calendar hanging up in your cubicle right in front of you! The advantage of using your online or mobile calendars and planners is that you can set up reminders, which we all need! It is good to write some task specific notes along with your deadline to make sure you don't forget anything over time. 

When you are setting a timeline or goals for your tasks its wise to choose realistic guidelines. An inaccurate estimate of your workflow throws any schedule into disarray. Allocate enough time per goal so that you know you will be able to finish them and do them well. If you have flexibility give yourself some extra time to complete a task so that you can devote some extra time to it to make it excellent. Whatever we do we should uphold a standard of excellence to it. If your name is on it don't you want to be proud of your work?

A good practice to have is to plan your days ahead of time, if you can. When your workday is about to be over take a few minutes and write down some things that you want to get accomplished for the following day. When you come in the next morning you will have an outline of exactly you need to get done and you can just get right into it! Use that extra time in the morning to catch up on your emails and return phone calls instead of having to plan out your day. 

organized deskDisorganization is the enemy of an efficient, professional employee. Even the best worker at times can get caught up in the craziness and become disorganized, it happens! The best place to start is to simply clean your desk. Having a clean, organized work area is an important part of being productive, it just helps. So take a few minutes today and clean your desk, file all those loose papers and organize everything else. These are just a few ways to help you stay organized at work, I hope that you found them helpful and practical. 

If you have too much paper, then maybe that's your problem! We specialize in helping people go paperless and to automate your business processes. If you want to learn more then give us a call at 1-800-966-5738!


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