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Why Not Purchase a Faster Scanner?


If the goal of a company is to scan documents faster to save time and money, why not just purchase a faster scanner?

Scanning, particulary in the mailroom for incoming mail, is not just about scanning paper.  It isOPEXas7200t a process that starts with opening an envelope, continues with document prep, and concludes at the scanner.  The idea that substantial efficiencies can be gained by buying a faster scanner is a false economy.  This is proven daily in our our very own scanning facility.

Let me explain further by using an example.  Let's say you have a volume of mail that takes 50 hours of labor to open and prep and takes 8 hours of scanner time to scan the documents at whatever speed your scanner operates.  Along comes a scanner vendor who says they have a scanner that is twice as fast as yours.  So, excited at the prospect, you buy it.  Now you prep for 50 hours and scan for 4 hours.  Not saving much, you buy another scanner at twice that speed.  Now you prep for 50 hours and scan for 2.  You can see where this is going.

Unless you do something to reduce the prep, a faster scanner will neither save you money nor get your work done much faster.  In enters our OPEX solution. The OPEX scanner pinpoints the document prep challenges and solves them right away.

Read more about Document prep reduction in our recent blog article "OPEX Scanners Win The Prep-To-Scan Challenge".


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