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Ways to Make Your Monday Productive & Focused!


Monday MorningIf we are all honest with ourselves we can admit that Mondays aren't always the most productive day of the week. We drag ourselves out of bed after a busy weekend that left us tired and in need of another weekend already. It can be challenging to find the motivation to get things going and to kick off your week strong and be on your way to accomplishing your goals. Here are some tips to help you jump start your Monday mornings and to set a great pace for your week!

1. After you get settled into your desk and have had your first cup of coffee a great thing to do is to close out of everything. Close the social networks, your news articles, and your email to give yourself the freedom to focus fully. Take out a pen and pad or use Google Docs app to plan out your week. Starting with Monday organize your week and set goals for yourself. Choose your big three goals or tasks. These three things, if achieved should have the biggest impact on your overall productivity and are your main priorities. Maybe it has to do with new marketing campaigns and strategies or perhaps it's regarding your monthly reports, whatever it is write them down with details.  We tend to work on things that are easy, don't take much time, or are lower in priority, instead of focusing on those few things that would cause the biggest change! I challenge you to take this week and use a different approach on to how to you spend your time, delegating more time to those harder, more important tasks!

2. Make sure you reserve time for your big three top priorities. You have to actually make changes to your schedule and your to-do-lists to now reflect your new intentions. Mark time in your calendar to work on your big three tasks everyday. Using the morning's to work on these is always a good idea, if possible, so that you can spend the rest of your day getting everything else done.

Check List3. It is always a good practice to work from your schedule and to-do-lists. At the start of your day, the first thing you should do is to check your pre-set calendar and list. Doing this first before you check your newsfeed and read a few articles and catch up on your email is smart, so you don't get sidetracked. Get a good game plan of what you will accomplish before you leave for the day and stick to it. 

4. Do a daily recap and setup. At the end of every day, go over your top three priorities so that you stay focused on them. Go through your to-do-lists and see what is completed and which tasks still need to be worked on throughout the remainder of the week. Adjust your schedule if you have to, in order to make sure there is time to get everything done. I think its a good idea to clear your desk and desktop so that you have a clean organized slate for the next day, but leave your calendar and to do list open! That way when you log on to your computer the next day that first thing you will see is your calendar and list of things that you need to get done!

goals completedWe all face different challenges and priorities in our jobs and it can be difficult to always stay on top of our goals and tasks. But, we must try our best to stay organized and have a positive attitude. Taking the time to plan ahead and organize your days/weeks will help you to stay focused and on task. Try your best to stay positive and focused and to remember what tasks are the most important factors in boosting your productivity and improving your job performance!



Start the week off right! 
It's so important that you set your week up for success by making sure you are as productive as possible. The better you refine your process for setting, organizing and accomplishing your goals, the greater your impact will be! Great post.
Posted @ Monday, May 13, 2013 9:57 AM by Craig Desmarais
Great article, Dan! Some people recommend Sunday as a planning day, but I really prefer to take an hour on Monday morning to organize my week. Thanks for the great post!
Posted @ Monday, January 06, 2014 8:01 AM by Ron Mason
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