Accounts Payable Scanning Services

invoicesAre you trying to maintain and manage a paper-based Accounts Payable invoice process? Those manual processes are very in-efficient and full of problems! These are some of the challenges that organizations face when trying to manage manual AP business processes:

  • Mail management: opening mail, sorting & delivery
  • E-mailed invoices require extra step of printing the attached invoice(s)
  • Manual data entry and line item validation
  • Sending the paper invoice out for approval
  • Filing and subsequently retrieving for peer, vendor requests
  • Recalling for internal & external audits
  • Cost and time of lost documents

Computers and document management software have provided some relief for AP departments, but they have not reduced the amount of paper (paid invoices, receipts from expenditures and letters from customers or vendors) to be filed and managed every day. Just dealing with this paper pile can require an FTE.  

With accounts payable document scanning, purchase orders, invoices, shipping and receiving information, cancelled checks and correspondence can be integrated into a single electronic file for each customer or for each transaction. Customer problems can be solved faster because critical information is available at all times very easily. Every invoice is captured and processed electronically, creating a completely secure and efficient system.

There is more to managing AP than just scanning invoices. We scan and manage all of your accounts payable related documents including:

  • Invoicespaid invoice
  • Packing Slips
  • Purchase Orders
  • EDI Invoices
  • Paper Invoices
  • Receiving Documents
  • Check Vouchers
  • EZ Pay Policy
  • EFT/ Direct Deposit
  • Purchasing Card

Rely on Konica Minolta's 41 years of experience in scanning for your AP files so your staff can stay focused on your core competencies. Get out from under your scanning backlog, eliminate rows of file cabinets and stacks of boxes quickly, easily and cost effectively.  Incoming documents can either be scanned by us at our full-scale production facility or scanned on-site by your staff.  Many companies rely on a combination of both.

Why Hire Konica Minolta for Document Scanning/Conversion Services?