Xerox BookCentre S7141

The Do-It-Yourself Book Scanning Solution

Xerox BookCentreThe Xerox BookCentre S7141 is the simplest, most complete self-service book scanning platform for both libraries and their patrons. The user interface on the BookCentre is completely user friendly with large, easy-to-see buttons that guide users every step of the way. You don't have to be tech-savy at all to be able to use this machine, it's very easy and intuitive. Once you scan the pages in the book that you need you can choose a file format, name the file, crop the image, adjust image quality and color depth, and save or send the image.  

Cumbersome books and non-circulating documents become portable research tools once scanned and saved to an iPad, smartphone, USB Drive, send as an email attachment or to a local printer. You can convert them to a searchable PDF file to easily search for any keywords or phrases within the document. Another great feature is you can save the image as a Word file so you can edit, copy, and paste. Save your images as JPEG, TIFF and PNG files to use in your papers, slideshows and more. All this is done with the touch of a button on the 17'' easy to read and use touchscreen computer.

Powerful but Gentle

A patented beveled-edge scanner design means the BookCentre delivers distortion-free scans and protects the book spine from damage. There’s no need to press the book flat, and no ‘black gutter’ swallowing the words on the edge of the page. Just perfect scans and carefully preserved books with unbroken spines. In addition, the Xerox BookCentre can easily and automatically crop, straighten and re-orient each page as it’s scanned.

Go Green and Save Green

The Xerox BookCentre is both the affordable and the environmentally friendly book scanning solution. Touch the screen to create a digital scan you can save or send in more ways than any other book scanner:

  • Email
  • USB DrivesGo Green
  • Smartphones
  • iPads & tablets
  • Google Docs
  • Network Folder
  • Fax
  • Printer

These digital files can by referenced without printing and shared without  copying. That means every time a patron uses the BookCentre, they are preserving our forests and protecting our environment.