About ECM

Enterprise Content Management lets you take control of your information and maintain control while enabling you to “Let Documents Flow”

INFOWhat Is ECM? - ECM structures your documents by what they are --- not where they are so you can have more organized business processes.  You are centralizing your documents for improved sharing, easy storage/retrieval, protection and integration with your other department software.

Why ECM?Why ECM? - As your business grows, you have less control over your workflow and unless there is a centralized process in place, you may find that your employees are spending more time chasing down documents than adding value to your business.

HelpHow Does ECM Work?Think about how easy it is to search by a keyword when you use a search engine on the internet. ECM creates a single source for all your information, and by using identifiers on your scanned paper documents, electronic documents or emails, you can easily search for all the related documents by the keyword or tag for the project.

bigstock-Athlete-at-the-starting-line-i-26148203Where Does ECM Start? - No matter how far your information travels throughout your organization it has to start with document capture to get into your ECM system. You need a solid capture foundation that works seamlessly into your ECM solution. Capturing your information at the beginning of your business process decreases bottlenecks further down the line and increases efficiency all around.


We can  helpWhat Can We Do For You? - We want to know your problems – your pain points – so we can transform your business’s workflow to improve your return-on-investment. Then, you can focus on business objectives instead of reoccurring business problems.