How Secure Is Your Information?

The Problem: Do You Need Better Data Security?

When it comes to confidentiality of information there is no room for error or risk of compromising documents.    

Information SecurityThe security of your data is of paramount concern. If you are running all of your business processes on manual-based paper processes then your documents and information are both unsecure and vulnerable to a number of different natural elements. With the increasing levels of compliance regulations and required audits, both internal and external, keeping track of necessary documents is more important than ever. This is hard to do with paper and your business is risking both compromised data that could result in lawsuits and many negative repercussions.

Sound Familiar? 

  • I need to safeguard my data.
  • Compliance requirements are keeping me up at night. 
  • I am at risk of being out-of-compliance and incurring fees.
  • I am not cost effective in meeting my governance, regulatory or compliance requirements.

The Solution: ECM Protects Your Data

A well thought-out enterprise content management (ECM) can ease minds and facilitate audits and other compliance requirements.

Secure ECM

In fact, most manufacturing organizations realize their biggest cost savings from existing auditing costs, including remote, secure access to critical documentation, after implementing a smart ECM solution. A best-in-class ECM solution, OnBase, offers many security options and user-permissions rules to ensure complete confidentiality of your documents and sensitive information.  

With OnBase, you will bring in and index your documents (capture), automatically keep sensitive information confidential (redact), and hold on to documents for the right amount of time (retain). There are different requirements for certain documents and you need to stay compliant and retain them for the right amount of time. With OnBase, you can place holds on records as needed and also serve up records online. Tools like these reduce the time staff spends on over-the-counter requests to serve your customers more efficiently.