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3 Simple Reasons Why Converting Your Paper Makes Sense

Posted by Dan Termale on Thu, Nov 12, 2015 @ 10:52 AM

Paperless DecisionsThe decision to go from paper to digital is one that you’ll ultimately have to make. Whether it’s sooner or later, that’s up to you. Making this transition will bring many benefits to your office, employees and your customers. The list of those benefits is long and we could spend all day talking about them! Some of the most obvious ones include reducing paper and printing expenses, saving trees and the environment, and increasing your document and data security. 

If these benefits of this content management solution aren’t enough to help you decide, then here are three simple reasons that should get you thinking: 

1.) Increase Your Office Space

Paperless SolutionsAlmost every office has filing cabinets and some offices have lots of them. Filing cabinets are a perfect picture of the past. They take up your valuable office space and slow down your business processes. If you decide to digitize the files that are in those cabinets then you will free up that much needed office space and make better use of it. Some organizations have whole floors, rooms and even buildings dedicated to storing documents at outrageous costs — not to mention the security issues, which is a whole other story. The bottom line: Going paperless will reduce your expenses and improve your organization. 

2.) Collaboration & Document Sharing 

How much easier is it to share and collaborate with your coworkers and clients when you’re working with a document in digital form rather than a file stuffed with papers? If you want to share a document with 10 people, then you could just attach it and email it to them with a few mouse clicks. What’s the easiest way to share a 20-page paper document with 10 people? There is no easy or cost effective way to do that. Just think of this simple example and multiply it exponentially for an enterprise-wide perspective. The future is definitely heading in the direction of digital and mobile collaboration. 

3.) Mobile Access 

Mobile technology is still fairly new, but has really evolved quite rapidly over the past decade. Mobile Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has unlocked another level of productivity and flow of your business processes that has drastically improved the way many businesses are running.  Employees can review, revise and work on documents, collaborate and participate in business processes no matter where they are right from their mobile devices. People do very little waiting anymore; they’re expecting your products and services to be almost instantaneous and if you can’t offer them that, then they’ll gladly give their business to a company that can offer it. Having a mobile strategy is becoming more and more crucial. 

We only touched the tip of the iceberg here, but I wanted to highlight some of the basic yet important reasons many organizations are converting from paper to digital. Change can be hard for many, but no one likes to get left behind either. Start or continue your journey to improving your organizational productivity and find the right paperless solution that fits your needs. If you have any questions or would like more information, then Contact Us. We’re here to help!

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