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Drive Efficiency By Eliminating Low-Value Tasks

Posted by Brianna Smith on Wed, Apr 08, 2015 @ 11:27 AM

low-value-tasksInefficiency in the workplace isnt new, but now there are steps that businesses can take to ensure that less time and money is being wasted, and more time is being spent on productive tasks. 

Every business has that bundle of tasks that seems to eat away so much time for very little return. These are known as low-value tasks. A low-value task is any small task that takes up your time from more important tasks that actually benefit the organization and work to increase revenue. Most of the time, those tasks involve moving paper from one person to the next.


Often times, businesses are wasting time on low-value tasks like calling the main office, finding someone to retrieve the file, time spent retrieving and faxing the file, and reviewing the fax once it comes across. For example, consider a student requesting transcripts from their registrars office and how that starts a chain of low-value tasks that ultimately impact service times and customer satisfaction.

Many of the business processes, like Accounts Payable, or Human Resources, are very paper-intensive. They involve a lot of people and many documents that end up being scattered into a variety of different folders, filing cabinets, and disconnected systems. Believe it or not, these low-value tasks are holding businesses back from reaching higher levels of efficiency.

Quality-efficiency-and-costBy implementing an ECM solution, all of this inefficiency can be traded in for efficiency. ECM solutions, like OnBase, have the ability to drastically transform the way that businesses operate by streamlining their operations into one central paperless system. This allows users of the new, paperless system the ability to control incoming and outgoing documents, information, and communication without all the paper shuffling and time-consuming processes. This effectively boosts work-place efficiency and lowers operational costs.

Interested in discovering how you can cut back on low-value tasks? Contact us! Wed be happy to help.

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