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Integrating Square 9’s SmartSearch with Salesforce – The Perfect Match

Posted by Cindy Bialy on Wed, Oct 05, 2016 @ 11:40 AM

salesforce_logo.pngIf your organization uses, you already know that Salesforce is a powerful tool that can drive revenue and help your organization to provide a positive customer experience.

Where Salesforce falls short is handling all of the files and the documentation that comes with managing:

  • Accounts
  • Contracts
  • Sales & Marketing Documents
  • Quotes
  • Cases

square9-logo.pngKonica Minolta recognizes the need to integrate enterprise content with customer data in Salesforce. Integrating Salesforce with Square 9’s SmartSearch has facilitated the bridging of that gap.

What makes these integrations between document management and Salesforce such great complementary solutions?

  • Salesforce handles data driven workflows very well and Square 9 handle document driven workflows really well.
    • These two strengths complement each other very well. By integrating documents and document-centric workflows handled by SmartSearch with Salesforce data, productivity and efficiency is maximized across both systems and Salesforce users have a more well-rounded perspective of their accounts, cases, leads and contacts. 
  • Salesforce is not a content management tool. Square 9’s SmartSearch is.
    • Salesforce comes up short when managing documents and customer content in Salesforce. Salesforce does offer various ways to upload, files, content and attachments, however, these tools function in very disparate ways. As an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tool, SmartSearch handles this content with ease. Integrating SmartSearch with Salesforce makes use of the best of both platforms.

While Salesforce and Square 9’s SmartSearch can both operate independently and quite effectively on their own, combine their functionality and it’s a match made in heaven.

How does the integration work?

shutterstock_203618407-1.jpgAs paper documents are received, they can easily be scanned into SmartSearch directly from Salesforce. A custom button placed on a detail screen, can call SmartSearch’s core web scanning capability, retrieving on screen account information for indexing. The scanned document along with the captured data can be previewed for accuracy and easily filed away, which will eliminate paper storage and simplify retrieval. For users that may not have access to Salesforce, SmartSearch picklists can be synchronized with Salesforce data sets, such as account numbers or names. When indexing documents from SmartSearch, live data from Salesforce will be available to help the user streamline the indexing process and eliminate manual key entry. 

Document retrieval can be initiated by a custom button on a detail screen. Users simply click the button and screen information such as the account name or ID is passed to an integrated search, which will retrieve any applicable documents the user has access to. From there the documents can be viewed, printed, emailed or annotated.

shutterstock_87259876-1.jpgFor authoring processes, such as contracts, SmartSearch has a built in revision control engine that creates a new version any time a change is detected. Users involved in the contract authoring process can easily review previous versions to help with their decision making. Work XChange, the workflow engine in SmartSearch, can deliver proactive automated notifications of an impending deadline, to ensure due dates are never missed and milestones are always hit.

The Benefits

  • Streamline administrative processes associated with filing, storage and retrieval of documents
  • Eliminate manual key entry and increase data accuracy
  • Increase customer service levels with direct access to documents from Salesforce screens
  • Gain visibility into authoring and review processes with automated notifications and escalations

If you would like to learn about implementing an ECM solution to integrate with your Salesforce solution then contact us! We’d be happy to help.

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