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The Xerox BookCentre - Modern Technology Meets Book Scanner

Posted by Dan Termale on Thu, Aug 15, 2013 @ 04:26 PM


The Xerox BookCentre is the simplest, most complete self-service book scanning answer for both libraries and their patrons. This book scanner was designed with the user in mind using large, easy to use buttons on its touch screen monitor, guiding the user every step of the way. It is like going to an ATM machine for the first time, anyone can use it , young or old. Even those who are not tech-savy will be able to easily choose different file formats, crop images, adjust image colors and quality, then save or send the image. 

Not only will you be offering your library patrons a great alternative to scanning to paper with the scan to Smartphone, tablet, or elsewhere features but you will also be cutting down on your costs as well. So go green and save! The BookCentre is both affordable and environmentally friendly and is a powerful alternative to a traditional scanner or even other book scanners. Simply touch the screen to create a digital scan that you can save or send in more ways than any other book scanner: 

  • Email
  • USB Drives
  • Smart phones
  • iPads & tablets
  • Google Docs
  • Network Folder
  • Fax
  • Printer 

This technology is great and with the use of more and more smartphones and tablets, this is where the technology is heading. Don't be left behind , take advantage of modern technology and set yourself apart from the others!

For more information on the Xerox BookCentre or to download a brochure and watch the product video Click Here!

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Enhance Your Book Scanning Offerings with Xerox BookCentre

Posted by Dan Termale on Wed, Jul 03, 2013 @ 02:43 PM

New product offering designed to meet an increasing need for self-service book scanning for libraries and their patrons, the Xerox BookCentre S7141.

Xerox BookCentreAMS Imaging has recently announced that they’ve reached an agreement with Scannx Corporation to sell and market the Xerox BookCentre S7141 Book Scanner. The BookCentre enables AMS to broaden their offering and offer another valuable solution to address the evolving role of technology in Public and University Libraries.

“With the BookCentre, we can enable books and pages to become securely retrieved from an iPad, smartphone, or any other device.” Said AMS Imaging CEO Jim McKenney. “The BookCentre S7141 is the simplest, most complete, do-it-yourself book scanning solution on the market, and we’re very excited to be offering this product.”

The BookCentre features an intuitive 17'' touchscreen with large easy-to-follow touch buttons, and does not damage the condition of any book or article like a normal scanner does. Using the BookCentre, users can create searchable PDFs that can be sent to an iPad, Smartphone, email, fax, or printer.

About AMS Imaging

Established in 1971, AMS Imaging is a leader in providing innovative solutions to Public and University Libraries throughout the Northeastern United States including the ScanPro 2000 Microfilm Scanner and the Xerox BookCentre Book Scanner. AMS also offers outsourced document scanning services and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions and Consulting.

About Scannx 

Scannx is a leading software developer of next generation, cloud-based document capture and delivery services that can be integrated with PCs and third-party document capture devices such as scanners, multifunction printers, smartphones and tablets. Applications include book scanning, network scanning, and mobile scanning solutions in the document management industry. Scannx has also entered into a Xerox Trademark Licensing Agreement to develop, market and support a new line of Xerox-branded, self-service book scanning kiosks for library patrons and staff. 

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How to scan a book to iPad or Smartphone with a Book Scanner

Posted by Dan Termale on Mon, Jun 17, 2013 @ 02:15 PM

Book ScannerStudents at universities and patrons at public libraries visit libraries every day looking for books, articles, magazines and other types of information. They may only need a chapter out of a book or one article out of an old newspaper so they will often take the book or newspaper and scan them on the copy machine and print out the pages needed. Using a normal paper scanning/copy machine usually results in poor image quality and damaged books. When you place a book face down on the scanner and close the top the pressure put on the book's spine damages the book and these books can often fall apart. In that case where you need to scan a very old book then it is not recommended that you scan them at all unless you are using a book scanner. 

Book Scanners like the Xerox BookCentre , which is the simplest, most complete book scanning platform for both libraries and its patrons, make life alot easier people seeking information and research. Most students have smartphones and/or iPad and tablets that they carry with them everywhere they go. Having the ability to go to the library find the book they need and scan the chapters or pages that they need and have them sent right to their smartphone, tablet, email, or USB is a great option to offer. The BookCentre makes it so easy to scan any book or document and then send it to where you would like it to go, using big touch screen buttons. It's like going to an ATM machine, even if its your first time using an ATM , you will figure out what to do and how to use it very quickly. The BookCenter has the same simple, intuitive layout that anyone whether young or old will be able to use within seconds.

See below the video on how to scan to your iPhone, iPad, or tablet within seconds!

If you would like more information about the Xerox BookCentre or have any questions feel free to reach out to us and we would be glad to help! Contact Us!

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The Do-It-Yourself Xerox BookCentre - Watch the video!

Posted by Dan Termale on Mon, Jun 03, 2013 @ 11:58 AM

Xerox BookCentreThe Xerox BookCentre S7141 is the simplest, most complete self-service book scanning platform for both libraries and their patrons. The user interface on the BookCentre is completely user friendly with large, easy-to-see buttons that guide users every step of the way. You don't have to be tech-savy at all to be able to use this machine, it's very easy and intuitive. Once you scan the pages in the book that you need you can choose a file format, name the file, crop the image, adjust image quality and color depth, and save or send the image. 

Cumbersome books and non-circulating documents become portable research tools once scanned and saved to an iPad, smartphone, USB Drive, send as an email attachment or to a local printer. You can convert them to a searchable PDF file to easily search for any keywords or phrases within the document. Another great feature is you can save the image as a Word file so you can edit, copy, and paste. Save your images as JPEG, TIFF and PNG files to use in your papers, slideshows and more. All this is done with the touch of a button on the 17'' easy to read and use touchscreen computer.


Powerful but Gentle

A patented beveled-edge scanner design means the BookCentre delivers distortion-free scans and protects the book spine from damage. There’s no need to press the book flat, and no ‘black gutter’ swallowing the words on the edge of the page. Just perfect scans and carefully preserved books with unbroken spines. In addition, the Xerox BookCentre can easily and automatically crop, straighten and re-orient each page as it’s scanned.

Go Green and Save Green

The Xerox BookCentre is both the affordable and the environmentally friendly book scanning solution. Touch the screen to create a digital scan you can save or send in more ways than any other book scanner:

  • Email
  • USB DrivesGo Green
  • Smartphones
  • iPads & tablets
  • Google Docs
  • Network Folder
  • Fax
  • Printer

These digital files can by referenced without printing and shared without  copying. That means every time a patron uses the BookCentre, they are preserving our forests and protecting our environment.

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