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Choose an E-Signature Solution With These 7 Key Features

Posted by Cindy Bialy on Tue, Jan 20, 2015 @ 04:02 PM

e-signatureFor enterprises of all types, signature requirements are an important part of the initial, information intensive customer interactions, the place where customer loyalty is won or lost. In the past, these companies have relied on paper-based processes, which require either in-person signatures, postal and shipping services, or fax and email to validate documents. Even transactions that are initiated online often require paper-based signatures to finalize transactions.

Whether a transaction is simple or complex, automating the signature process can greatly improve operational efficiencies for large organizations.  More importantly, an enterprise-wide e-signature solution can significantly enhance the customer experience during that essential first part of customer interaction.

When considering whether to adopt electronic signature technology, changes in customer behavior are a relevant factor.  The idea of convenience in banking is undergoing a shift away from branch locations and toward digital products and services that mesh with consumers' mobile empowered lives. These days, most customers expect the ability to carry out transactions whenever and wherever they are.  

e-signaturesEliminating manual signature processes and replacing them with an e-signature solution enables customers to complete transactions in one fluid, less error-prone process, regardless of the channel used.  Furthermore, eliminating the need to print, route and archive paper reduces costs, including paper stock and storage, couriers, mailing and shipping.

An important point to note is that not all e-signature technologies are created the same.  Ensuring consistent user experience across all channels while at the same time safeguarding sensitive financial information requires a highly secure, enterprise-wide e-signature solution.

To unlock the full potential of an e-signature solution, choose an enterprise-class solution with the following key features:

deployment-cloud1. Offers multiple deployment options.

A wide range of deployment options within one e-signature technology across your entire enterprise reduces the IT resources needed to implement and maintain the solution and facilitates adoption by employees.

2.  Supports multiple e-signature types.  

The best solution offers support for click-to-sign, bio metric handwritten signature, fingerprint, and photograph.

3.  Works with all e-signature capture devices.  

The right technology solution offers support for a variety of capture devices, including iPad, Androids, and Window tablets, tablet PC's, smart phones and signature pads, to meet customer preferences.

4.  Incorporates an industry-standard digital signature format.  

A solution that leverages the ISO 32000 Standard to produce a non proprietary e-signature will only require a PDF Reader to verify the validity of the signature.  This eliminates the need to purchase and maintain additional software to verify the integrity of the document.

5.  Provides an open architecture.  

Easy-to-use software developer kits facilitate the integration of e-signature software with other core business applications such as account-opening platforms, archiving, email, and document management systems.

data_security_methods6.  Delivers maximum security.  

Automating high-value transactions requires a high level of security.  For large financial institutions, this typically means hosting the solutions behind a firewall.

7.  Verifies document integrity and provides an audit trail.  

A key advantage of e-signatures is the ability to detect if the document was changed post-signing and view the audit trail.  Having this critical information at the document level enables vendor independence and the confidence that documents can be verified now and in the future.

Contact us now and let us show you how a Kofax E-Signature Solution can increase productivity and enhance customer service while reducing operational costs. 

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