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Enterprise IT & Customer Interactions - Infographic

Posted by Dan Termale on Thu, Jan 09, 2014 @ 02:12 PM

According to recent surveys and proven statistics they are showing that companies must achieve consistent and relevant customer interactions across all communication channels to prevent revenue and opportunty losses! This means keeping up with changing technologies and embracing mobile, cloud, and web-based solutions. We hope you enjoy this infographic and maybe these statistics will surprise you! 

Technology Infographic

If you like this infographic and would like more info, Contact Us. The team here at AMS Imaging will help you make the changes your business processes need to stay competitive. 

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Epicor for Manufacturing Is Not Complete Without ECM

Posted by Dan Termale on Wed, Jan 08, 2014 @ 11:39 AM

ManufacturingThe manufacturing industry among with many others has become increasingly sophisticated and complex. Manufacturers are facing constant pressure to produce the best quality products in the shortest amount of time. They are expected to improve quality and reduce product production time while enforcing higher standards and complying with tight industry regulations. Along with keeping up with these expectations you need to stay competitive and cutting edge. You always want to stand out from your competition and be able to offer your customers or clients a better product and service. 

So you are running Epicor or a similar Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to be the backbone of your organization, that’s a great start. The purpose of having an ERP system is to source a solution that can provide functionality for all of the business processes; which will get complete user adoption, management approval, and more importantly will provide a significant return on investment for the company and shareholders. Having an ERP like Epicor is a resource that is very flexible and makes your data management easily integratable with other systems. Having a great ERP system is just part of the puzzle that needs to be paired with an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system to be completed.  

information overloadIt’s said that 70% of business information is in unstructured form such as emails, faxes, presentations, web pages, images and similar types of content. The desire and need to reach these unstructured resources and the ability to pull them closer to business processes is driving the ERP ECM integration need.  Having an ECM platform like OnBase is a seamless process that enables you to get more out of your Epicor system by providing scanning, report management, and workflow, all tightly integrated with your current systems and processes. OnBase integrates with all of the major ERP systems as well as hundreds more.   

Enterprise Content Management & Business Automation solutions enable manufacturing organizations to:

  • Enforce quality, traceability of raw materials, and product safety
  • Improve engineering processes
  • Decrease operational costs
  • Ensure compliance with standards and regulations
  • Improve time to market
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Support compliance initiatives
  • Improve customer and vendor relationships
  • Produce and deliver outbound documents and payments
  • Capture incoming documents
  • Automate workflow associated with procure-to-pay, product life cycle management, compliance, order-to-cash processes

To download the new OnBase brochure visit this page. 

Or Contact Us at Konica Minolta to talk with one of our Solution Designers to see how you can start your OnBase - Epicor integration and start reaping the benefits of these complimenting systems!

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Be Prepared When a Natural Disaster Strikes!

Posted by Dan Termale on Fri, Oct 11, 2013 @ 09:50 AM

information securityAMS Imaging has been headquartered in Rhode Island for over 40 years and if you are familiar with New England weather then you will believe us when we say we have "seen it all" . From blizzards to hurricanes we have kept our buildings and information safe and secure. We house high volumes of important and confidential records for clients in our facilities so we have top notch security systems as well as video surveillance 24/7 and double alarm systems. When it comes to natural disasters we have a state-of-the-art generator system that runs on natural gas so we will never run out and be without power. In the case of a power outage the generator system will kick the power back on within seconds. Physical security measures are important but so are cyber and digital information security. Our high powered servers are located on-site and are all equipped with battery backups. These are just some of the many things that sets AMS apart from the average Document Management vendor. We take our responsibility seriously and we go above and beyond to ensure the safety of our workers, equipment, and information.

Every company or organization should have a detailed Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to follow in case of such a tragic event. It's more of a unique per business type of approach because of the variances in business types, geographic locations, and amount of documents and data that your business stores in-house. There are no guarantees that human error, hardware failure, natural disasters, and other unforeseen factors will at some point not affect your business, so it's better to be safe than sorry.

For tips on document recovery after a disaster read this blog post: Here

If you don't have a Disaster Recovery Plan or if yours needs to be update to 21st century standards then let us help you develop your strategy to protect your critical business information. Contact Us!

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ECM for the Construction Industry - Using the Right Tools

Posted by Dan Termale on Fri, Oct 04, 2013 @ 02:03 PM

Certain industries are more paper and process oriented than others. The construction industry is a vast industry filled with all different types of occupations and certain areas of focus. Any construction project these days involves heavy documentation and processes that need to be logged and accounted for. Just over the recent years the guidelines for Health and Safety and other legal constraints have increased which complicates these processes more and increases the need for corporate compliance in every area.

The #1 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution in the industry, OnBase, makes it easy for you to control your documents, whether they are Word/Excel Doc, PDF, CAD drawings, or any other type of file that they may be in. Both incoming and outgoing communication types relating to your construction or work project can be filed in one central repository for those who need access to them. If you have a project manager on site and he needs to pull up the blueprint drawing to check on something he can pull it up within seconds on his tablet or smartphone. This revolutionizes the way your worksites operate and boosts the efficiency levels to new heights. Communication is one of the most important aspects in any business process and the faster you are able to access the information you need to make your business decision the more efficient you become.

Construction ecmDocuments relating to all aspects of your projects whether it be financial, structural engineering, architects, surveyors, legal, or any other area will be filed in your OnBase ECM system that stays accessible and secure 24/7. The challenge most project managers face when they are in the midst of a project is the ability to see the big picture. A snap shot of everything going on related to that project that they can track and account for. Within OnBase you can pull up every type of documentation, business decisions made or in process, or other related documents that pertain to your project. No more going through messy, unorganized paper files that are spread out between different job sites.

These are some initial benefits you will realize with an ECM solution:
• Your staff will be able to work more efficiently
• Your customers will receive better service
• You will save space and time which translates into saving money
• Your documents and information will be safeguarded from any natural elements or disasters, and will be kept secure.
• Scale their solution across PC's, Phones and iPad's while managing information in a central repository.
• Manage Auto-CAD, Revit, and other CAD or Building Information Modeling (BIM) Documents and Information.
• Promote faster inter-departmental processing, allowing staff to make better, more informed decisions.

Those are just a few areas that a construction ecm solution like OnBase can help you to improve on. These ECM platforms are designed to overhaul your entire organization and handle even the most complex processes and business functions. The ROI on an ECM system usually pays for itself within the first 12-18 months and you will feel the effects of running more efficiently immediately.

Contact us at AMS Imaging to speak with one of our construction industry experts on how you can start or continue the process of going paperless and transforming your business!

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How To Make Sure your ECM Implementation is a Success

Posted by Dan Termale on Mon, Sep 30, 2013 @ 04:14 PM

ECM ImplementationEnterprise Content Management (ECM) deals with the strategy and utilization of technology needed to manage the entire life-cycle of your enterprise content from the point of creation to fulfilling it's purpose with your end users and business process in the most efficient way possible. An ECM solution will usually include integrations with your various ERP and legacy systems to give your users the functionality of reaping the benefits of their ECM product right from within the systems that already live in on a daily basis. You want to give your end users a pleasant, easy to use experience when you set up your ECM and workflow systems. The users are the consumers of your ECM solution, so from a business perspective you should strive to make their experience as user friendly as possible.

The success of your ECM implementation all comes down to planning and strategy. If you do not put in the time to properly plan out and strategize how your ECM will run from every angle then your new solution may not be success and you certainly will not achieve the potential it has for your organization. Make sure your strategy is clear from the beginning on all stages of the process from Document Capture, Records Management, Business Process Management (BPM) and the other aspects of your solution. Another key component to ensure your successful deployment is educating your staff and end users on what your strategies and plans are. They may not really understand what an ECM system is, so it's your job to teach them and make them aware! Make sure they understand the benefits that the new system will bring and how to get the most of out it.

CommunicationMake sure the communication between your business users and your IT staff who will be supporting the system is an open channel. You want the business requirements to be very clear and straight forward for the users to understand. If there is a gap in communication here then that can lead to problems and hurt the overall adoption of your system. It is also important to have sufficient budget and support from your senior management on your ECM project. If your management is not fully onboard and apt to provide the funds needed to roll-out your ECM system the right way then you should wait until that changes. A successful implementation takes everyone and a lot of effort, it is hard to do properly without it.

One of the most important keys to your successful ECM implementation is choosing the right ECM vendor. Choosing a vendor that will be able to go above and beyond your needs and that has the expertise in your industry is a must have. The vendor you choose should help you define your vision and road-map for your ECM solution to meet all of your needs. Your solution needs to be scalable, continuously evolving, and ready to integrate with your ERP and legacy systems.

Vendor SelectionIf you are exploring ECM solutions or if you are already in the process of deciding between vendors I would ask you to Contact AMS Imaging and have a chat. We have been in the Document Management industry for over 40 years now and we have one of the best teams in the industry. We would love to help answer any questions you may have about your ECM search and implementation! Contact Us!

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Document Management and The Puffy Shirt

Posted by Mike Thomas on Wed, Sep 11, 2013 @ 07:49 PM

Back in 1997, just as Seinfeld was ending it’s legendary run, NBC had a summer ad campaign that I’ve never forgotten. “If you haven’t seen it, It’s new to you” was the tagline of the campaign, and it encouraged viewers to watch repeats of Seinfeld, Mad About You, and other NBC series because even though they were repeats, NBC knew that many viewers had missed out on the first run.

Today, 15 years or so into my career in the Enterprise Content Management (or DocumentPuffy Shirt Document Management Management, as we once called it) Industry, I’m regularly reminded of this phrase. In the year 2013, it’s shocking how many companies – large and small – have not embraced document management as a way to improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and enable compliance. In fact, it makes me wonder if those same people know about The Marble Rye, The Contest, or The Puffy Shirt – even all these years later.

Thankfully, there are many great sources of Seinfeld episode recaps, and here are some of my favorite ECM hits for your review too:

Accounts Payable Automation – Yeah, this one may seem as obvious as a Dingo eating a baby, but if you’re not using advanced document capture to reduce your reliance on manual data entry and then letting workflow handle approval distribution and routing, you really are missing out. Today, AP Automation Solutions start at about $15,000 and there is a valuable ROI for companies with as few as one person in AP.

Insurance Claim Processing – It’s hard to believe that there is any Insurance Company that could still operate without embracing ECM, but the truth is that Kenny Rogers once thought he could sell chicken to the people of Manhattan, and even won over Kramer for a while. Insurers can automate the capture, review, approval, and analysis with Document Management, typically paying for the cost of a system within the first 6-months of implementation.

New Customer On-Boarding – The next time George Costanza wants to raise money for the Human Fund, he can have his customers or constituents sign up online, via email, fax, or mobile device and process their applications in real time.

The truth is that much like these classic Seinfeld Episodes, Document Management and ECM is even better now than it was when it first came out. If you’re not familiar with all of the Seinfeld mystique, check out, and if you’re thinking that maybe you should learn more about what document management can do for your business, check out


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3 Strategies for Moving Your Content to The Cloud

Posted by Dan Termale on Wed, Sep 11, 2013 @ 10:10 AM

Cloud Storage

Many businesses and organizations are utilizing the Cloud to store and transfer their documents and information. It is both cost effective and highly secure with easy deployments and low overhead costs. Here are 3 great strategies for migrating your basic content and information to your Cloud solution.

1. One thing you can do is enable your users to move documents and information to the cloud on an as needed basis. This works very well and the users are able to transfer the documents to the new cloud repository when they need to. It does not have to a big one-time transfer over to the cloud, it can be gradual and in a way that is convenient for the users. In some cases you will have to do large conversions and in others you can just transfer the information on an as needed basis.

2. Establish a plan of action, organize how you want to transition your current documents and information to your new cloud storage. A common way is to sort by date range and transfer them accordingly, a month, year, or few years at a time. Some people just start with day forward documents and then develop a plan to get all the back files into the system over a certain amount of time. Some businesses have 10 filing cabinets to transition and some have 10,000 so depending on the volume you have this may be a job you can handle in-house or it may be something that you outsource to a certified vendor.

Cloud Storage3. Another transition strategy is having to migrate all of your repositories at once before you go fully live with your new Cloud solution. Depending on the amount of information you have this may involve large amounts of data so determining the best way to make the transition will take some planning. You can set this transfer up a few different ways, you can set up a drag and drop move to run over the weekend when the office is not open or after hours at night. Depending on the amount of data you are transferring it may take a few days. Setting up an FTP move is another option, this would allow you to move the files to an FTP site and then over to the cloud repository or application. If you are having a vendor help you with the transition then they may have their own mass migration plan.

Start transitioning your files to the cloud as soon as you can as it can take a good amount to time to complete. You want to make sure that all of your business critical information that you need to run your daily operations gets converted first. As mentioned before there are different ways to move your content to the cloud and it all depends on your unique business case.

If you are looking for a vendor that can help you with your move to the cloud then contact AMS Imaging, we specialize in our Conversion Services and we would be glad to talk you through the process and see how we can help.

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Going Green This Christmas Season!

Posted by Dan Termale on Thu, Dec 13, 2012 @ 12:53 PM

Green ChristmasThe holiday season is upon us! The craziness and excitement of the Christmas Holiday is vastly approaching, whether you are ready or not. Our shopping lists and grocery lists seem to be never ending and everyone is doing their best to not procrastinate too much, which isn't always easy! But this holiday season let us try to be conscious of the environment and do our part in Going Green with some of our Christmas gifting options!

Reusable Packaging

We all are used to wrapping our gifts and this tends to be many people's first option when preparing our presents. Consider using reusable packaging this year! Put your gifts into gift bags so that they can be reused by the recipient in the future. I know I have a whole box full of gift bags up in my attic that I like to use so maybe you have some to use too! If not then go buy a big pack of gift bags to put your presents in, they are inexpensive and are available at most stores. Another option to paper gift bags is to use cloth gift bags that can be used as a tote as well! Those always seem to come in handy and people like them.

Put a Bin out at your Christmas Party

Recycle ChristmasI am talking about a recycling bin. Recycling is a great way of giving back and doing your part to keep waste levels down. Every city and town has different rules and guidelines to recycling so if you need to check with your local town to find out, then do so! Many towns will not pick up your trash if you do not have your recycling bins out there as well, I think this is a great way to encourage/force people to recycle. We tend to produce a lot of waste during the Christmas season between cooking, packaging & wrappers, and decorations. Instead of tossing your cans, bottles, plastics, and paper items in the trash, toss them into your bin instead!

Stay away from pesticides

Most families prefer live trees over artificial Christmas trees, I do myself. There's nothing like the scent of a fresh tree in your house, I love it. A lot of places are now giving you an option of choosing a tree with or without pesticides. Most commercial tree growers use up to 50 different pesticides on their trees. Not to say that these trees are extremely dangerous but you may not want your little kids and pets around all of those chemicals when you can choose the option of getting an organic, locally grown tree. The same can go for your fruits and veggies, choosing organic is always a better choice because you avoid all of the pesticides and chemicals that the commercial companies spray on their products.

Use LED lights

Not only do they look better and brighter but they use 90% less energy than the older holiday lights. Most lights tend to not last long, when you plug them in there always seems to be about half of the lights that don't work anymore every year. So if your lights are not working anymore and its time to buy new ones, then buy some LED lights they will last longer and will may save you a little bit of money on your electric bill! LED lights do not get as hot either so they are safer as well. It's an all around win-win, so ditch those old lights and go LED this year.

These are just a few ways to help you have a Greener Holiday Season this year! From all of us at AMS Imaging we wish you a Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013

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Going Green In Your Office!

Posted by Dan Termale on Wed, Nov 07, 2012 @ 04:08 PM

Go GreenIf you take a look around your office you will notice just how much paper products we use on a daily basis. We all have filled up countless notebooks and sticky notes and yet, we continue to do so. Luckily, thanks to technology, we have so many new options to utilize to cut down on the amount of paper we use and to even automate some of our business processes electronically instead of relying on manual paper processes.

The first step to change always comes through education and learning. If you want to cut down on the paper consumption in your office then you should start by pinpointing where exactly most of the paper is being used. Once you figure out where everyone is using the most paper you can spread the awareness and devise a plan on how to cut down. 

With the internet and all of our mobile and tablet apps we can basically do all of our work through these technologies. A great note taking app is Noteability. This app lets your organize all of your notes into folders and you can draw, highlight, link text and much more, its a great buy for $.99cents!

Try to avoid waste, encourage people to only print when necessary and to cut down on the amount of extra copies. Test the printer before running a large number of copies to prevent the waste of imperfect copies. Print double sided when possible, simple things like this can go a long way if everyone adopts them. Encourage everyone to be recycling all discarded paper! Make this easy for them by putting recycle bins throughout your office building

ReminderPromote awareness in your office by posting reminders of ways to save paper to help everyone remember. Place printing and copying guidelines near the print areas .  Saving paper can become the new normal in your office , it just takes awareness and reminders!

AMS Imaging is all about going paperless and automating all of your paper intensive business processes to help you save money and improve efficiency in your organization.

Learn more about what AMS Imaging does here!


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Research and Explore AP Automation

Posted by Dan Termale on Fri, Sep 21, 2012 @ 02:17 PM

go paperlessHow does your organization run their Accounts Payable department? If you have 2 or more people working in your AP department then this blog post is especially for you! We all know how paper intensive our AP departments are. Sometimes it feels like invoices are getting piled on top of us from every direction. Manually handling, logging, and processing all of your AP documents is not the most efficient way to run your department, actually it's a very expensive and inefficient way to process your documents. 

If you have never looked into an Accounts Payable Automation solution before than you really need to consider researching into it. These AP automation solutions will bring you ROI and then much more in less than 18 months. At Konica Minolta we really strive to educate organizations on the benefits of implementing a document management system such as an AP Automation solution because it brings results fast and saves you huge amounts of time and money in the long run. 

Do any of these challenges and inefficiencies sound familiar? 

  • Slow approval and payment cycles that end up resulting in late payment penalties
  • Needing to add AP personnel as your business grows
  • Difficulty in accessing information with data in many systems, and documents stored separately.
  • Fixed costs: paper, duplicate data entry, storage, and shipping - none of which add value.

Those are just some of the frustrations that people have in their AP departments. If you can identify with any of these points or have your own issues that you are going crazy over, then you should really take a half-hour of your time and plan to watch one of our AP Automation Webinars. AMS Imaging give monthly webinars to educate people on how powerful this solution can be for your organization!

Our next AP Automation Webinars are being held on January 27th. Click a link below to register your free spot and learn how to make your AP department a lean mean AP machine!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 2:00 - 2:30PM EST  REGISTER NOW

If you are not able to attend the webinar on the dates for this month's webinar, dont worry, you can always just schedule a demo with us and we will be glad to set one up at your convenience! Click the button below to schedule a demo!

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