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What's New With OnBase 14?

Posted by Cindy Bialy on Tue, Sep 16, 2014 @ 01:39 PM

describe the imageToday from the main stage of OTTC 2014, OnBase 14 release was announced.  Here is another annual release of software that reinforces Hyland's commitment to making OnBase the most relevant ECM product on the market.  With over 4,000 enhancements, this release includes improvements to the entire product from the architecture right through to the user experience. Whether you are a user of OnBase, you are responsible for OnBase solutions, or you support OnBase in your enterprise, OnBase 14 is for you.


OnBase 14 enables you to provide a higher level of service by getting information to everyone that needs it with improvements to:

  • Personalized User Experience
  • Integrations
  • Extended Access

Notable User Features:

  • Brand-new reporting Dashboards
  • Improved Web Client and StatusView interface
  • A read-only PDF viewer for external users
  • Brand-new External Access Client, providing self-service web access for people outside your organization

software developerFOR SOLUTION OWNERS:

You don't need to be a developer to configure an OnBase solution.  With OnBase 14, it's even easier to:

  • Manage Users
  • Build applications and automate processes
  • Manage documents and capture information

Notable Features:

  • New and improved workflow and Workflow|Case Manager configuration options
  • Compare changes in Word documents and new PDF/Image splitter
  • Simplified administration of user accounts, privileges and preferences (including some mobile administration options)
  • Improved capture of line-item data from invoices, as well as emails from shared departmental inboxes


OnBase 14 provides organizations with a single, secure and scalable architecture to:

  • Provide a platform to create new applications
  • Act as an information hub for your enterprise
  • Ensure a flexible and secure performance, no matter the task

Notable Features:

  • Integration with Google Services, including Google docs and Gmail
  • The new Enterprise Integration Server
  • CMIS compatibility
  • 256-bit encryption

OnBase at a glance:

  • Enhancements to our single, secure, scalable architecture that will benefit those responsible for supporting OnBase within their enterprise, ensuring that OnBase continues to be a strategic platform into the future. 
  • More tools to enable configuration without code that will make life much simpler for those responsible for creating and maintaining OnBase solutions. 
  • New products and features that elevate the user experience and create new ways for OnBase to make your information find you, bringing tremendous benefits to end users.

So, whether you are a user of OnBase, responsible for OnBase solutions, or support OnBase in your enterprise, OnBase is for you!  Can't wait to learn more?  Contact us now.

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Which Deployment of OnBase Cloud Should I Choose?

Posted by Cindy Bialy on Mon, Jun 30, 2014 @ 01:35 PM

Cloud vs InhouseAs you consider your ECM options, a key question centers around whether to manage your infrastructure and software on your own on-premise servers or to outsource it in a cloud solution.  The answer to that question depends on the unique needs of your organization.  Just know that with OnBase you have the flexibility to change the way you need to deploy your solution should your needs change over time.  Yes! OnBase provides the flexibility to migrate from an on-premise deployment to the cloud and vice-versa.

So once your decision has been made to choose a Cloud solution, let this article help you decide which option is best for your organization.  Th two OnBase Cloud options - Hosted and Subscription have slightly different pricing componenets, allowing organizations to decide exactly how they want to deploy and pay for their OnBase Cloud solution.

Cloud (Hosted):

You buy the software, and we host it for you in our content management cloud. The hosted option allows an organization to purchase OnBase software, licenses and annual maintenance as if they were going to implement an on-premise solution.  The difference is that the solution is installed on and run from Hyland OnBase-owned, hosted and managed servers, providing a completely “hosted” solution.

With this option, an organization maintains ownership of OnBase as an asset (perhaps they already owned OnBase in an on-premise environment), but simply outsource the infrastructure and management aspects of the OnBase deployment.

This type of deployment is not overly common in the cloud world, and at first sight it may not play to the operating expenses versus capital expense benefit marketed by many cloud providers.  However, there are times when an organization may actually want to make a capital expense (for example, if they have obtained a grant or award, or are looking to offset tax via re-investment), but still want to benefit from a cloud deployment.  The hosted OnBase Cloud allows them to do this while still allowing for reduced internal IT requirements, rapid and flexible scalability, and expertly managed Cloud ECM.

This option allows you to own the software, but take advantage of our dedicated OnBase cloud and OnBase experts. 

OnBase CloudCloud SaaS (Software as a Service)

You pay a subscription fee for the software and a hosting fee for the infrastructure. Customers choose the features and functionality they want, then the experts at Hyland OnBase or the Hyland OnBase partners create that solution and provide access to it in the cloud. Hyland OnBase Software utilizes several world-class data centers globally to provide cloud-based ECM in our specialized content management cloud, architected for OnBase. The subscription option for OnBase Cloud provides organizations with a deployment and payment model akin to many other cloud solutions on the market.  This option removes the need for an upfront purchase of the OnBase software, with the organization subscribing to a service that provides them with access to the software, support and the hosting facilities over the duration of the subscription.

This the classic cloud model with minimal capital expense.  As primarily an operating expense, this model allows a more flexible financial approach to obtaining the OnBase solution.  The only upfront cost to the end user in this model is the actual setup cost, which includes all professional services require to get up and running with the OnBase cloud.

OnBase CloudSo which procurement method is best for your organization?

There is no right or wrong answer to this.  Your organzation's needs and available resources will determine which hosted solution is right for you.  With this fundamental knowledge of Cloud based deployment options, you can begin asking the right questions and work with us as a Hyland OnBase partner to make the right choice.  Contact us now and let us guide you towards the best fit option.

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How Are Your Organization’s Productivity Levels?

Posted by Dan Termale on Thu, Feb 13, 2014 @ 01:51 PM

Business ProductivityWith the help of modern technologies organizations and their employees are more productive than ever before. They are utilizing technology and have embraced change and are now seeing and reaping the benefits! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, worker productivity has grown 80% from 1973-2011 and has risen 25% in the past 10 years alone. This increase is surely due to the fact that employees now have the abilities to do their jobs from almost anywhere. This added flexibility has saved organizations a lot of money and has made them much more productive and lucrative.  

The modern work environment is now flexible due to the use of mobile devices that can access critical information from anywhere. Workers are more equipped to do their jobs better than ever before. Having access to their business content while they are not in the office has opened up a whole new world of options and opportunities for new business. According to a recent study 78% of fortune 500 companies rely on Microsoft SharePoint and 62% of the people working at those companies visit the system everyday to find the files that they need. SharePoint is a great solution but it falls short in some ways. Most of the workers that are using SharePoint lack the access to those files that they need from their mobile devices. This puts a huge restriction on their efficiency and productivity levels. Unfortunately SharePoint is not well equipped for file sharing for employees through their mobile devices or for external parties that also need access to their documents and files.  

Mobile ECMIf you are using SharePoint and lack the mobile access to your information you can either looking into the few mobile options that SharePoint does offer or you can look into an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that is designed for dynamic business sharing from anywhere anytime like OnBase. Working in another application? Stay there! OnBase integrates with virtually any business application. Your users can access content and interact with business processes directly from the familiar screens of business-critical applications such as Outlook, SharePoint, Office, ERP systems, and many others. 

Extend your content beyond your organization. OnBase improves the experience of your customers, constituents and students by eliminating time otherwise spent printing and mailing documents and forms. Your customers can submit forms and then track their status and access documents online or through self-service kiosks. The versatility and flexibility of OnBase really adds value to your organization and make productivity levels soar higher than ever.  

If your looking to improve the productivity in your organization and would like to explore ECM options like OnBase then Contact Us, we would love to help!

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Why Choose OnBase?

Posted by Cindy Bialy on Fri, Jan 31, 2014 @ 01:11 PM

Investing in any ECM product is a long-term commitment and you need to haveOnBase customer reviews
confidence in what you are buying. Confidence the product you choose on day one will meet the product needs of tomorrow.

Why be confident in OnBase?

Low Total Cost of Ownership:

In almost every instance, selecting OnBase will cost you less than what you will pay for almost
any other ECM solution on the market today.

OnBase is nimble, making it easy and cost-effective to install, configure, manage,
integrate and upgrade. You don’t have to write a single line of code to create OnBase solutions,
and you don’t have to pay for dedicated developers or programmers to change or enhance your solution. For all of the OnBase customers that have converted from other ECM products, we have routinely reduced annual support and maintenance costs by one-third to one-half for the same size OnBase solution.

Hyland provides new solutions and enhanced
functionality to OnBase in software releases without compromising the integrity of the
product. Ninety-nine percent of AMS Imaging's  customer base renews its annual OnBase maintenance. Our customers see the continued value in our partnership and continue to invest in it.

Customer Satisfaction is More than Customer Service

At Hyland Software and AMS Imaging, one of our core values is: “Our customers are our
partners.” From the moment a customer decides to work with us, they are assigned a team to take them from an idea to installation through the life of their solution. We provide technical support with a dedicated team for you to directly work with that knows your solution and organization to immediately answer questions and quickly solve any problem. Users work with a dedicated point person from the moment they contact us until the issue is resolved.

Hyland provides countless ways to help users get and stay smart on their solution.  For
example, they offer more than 140 web-based training courses, hundreds of in-person
classes, more than 100 hours of on-demand video instruction as well as quarterly conferences for continuing OnBase education.

An Enterprise-Class Solution

OnBase is tailored for departments but comprehensive for the enterprise, designed to give you what you need today and grow with you over time.  While some of our customers have cost-effective departmental OnBase solutions, the same product scales to meet the needs of entire enterprises.

To learn more about OnBase, contact me now.

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Is The Solution to Records Management in the Cloud?

Posted by Cindy Bialy on Fri, Apr 26, 2013 @ 09:56 AM

ecm cloud

State governments are turning to the cloud as a way to efficiently manage records and save money. For instance, a cloud-based records management system in the office of Oregon’s Secretary of State produced such improvements in access and processing time that officials are now expanding it statewide. The Oregon Records Management Solution will let state, city and county agencies manage and provide access to records in an efficient, uniform manner and will save money on storage, risk and litigation costs, officials said.

You can now manage your content in the cloud with confidence. Cloud based Document Management and ECM solutions are gaining popularity amongst many organizations worldwide. Our cloud based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions offer industry leading technology that have both the security and functionality that organizations look for in a ECM solution.

Read article...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Move Your Documents to the Cloud With ECM

Posted by Dan Termale on Mon, Apr 22, 2013 @ 09:24 AM

The Cloud

You can now manage your content in the cloud with confidence. Cloud based Document Management and ECM solutions are gaining popularity amongst many organizations worldwide. Our cloud based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions offer industry leading technology that have both the security and functionality that organizations look for in a ECM solution.

Here are 3 great reasons to consider a Cloud based approach to your Document Management needs: 

1. Take advantage of infrastructure that you can't afford or choose not to invest in at the moment. 

The beauty of a Cloud-based ECM approach is that you don't need to buy, support or maintain any additional servers or change your network's infrastructure. You can just continue to use your existing devices and internet connection while using your new ECM system with full capabilities and functionality as an in-house solution. 

2. Save money on capital expenditure.

The pros of a Cloud-based ECM solution go beyond the initial cost savings on hardware, but this type of project can be easier to get approved and financed. Your Document Management project can get up and running much faster do to this. By utilizing flexible month-to-month subscription based licensing models, these costs will usually come from your operating budget instead of the capital expense budget, which often requires long justification and approval processes. This is a big factor when determining what type of solution is a good fit and that will likely get approved.

3. Free up your IT resources

Instead of having to train and deploy the people on your staff to support the new infrastructure for your ECM solution, you can have them focus on other value-adding projects. When you partner with a vendor such as AMS Imaging, your solution is maintained by trained, industry expert ECM professionals who will install and upgrade your system for you. AMS Imaging has a highly secure state of the art Data Center where we host and maintain your solution 24/7 .

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OnBase OnLine (OBOL) Accelerates Deployment

Posted by Cindy Bialy on Thu, Jun 21, 2012 @ 09:38 AM

The development flexibility of OnBase OnLine allows unique, hosted web applications to be designed for an organization's specific requirements.  All components required to deploy andmainframe maintain a hosted content managemnet solution, including database administrtion, backup verification and security, are provided by Hyland.  The solution is hosted with a teir-one facility, creating premium network scalability, security and redundancy.

Accellerated deployment of an enterprise content managment system is accomplished with an OnBase OnLine solution because the network infastructure is in place.  In addition, system design and implementation are completed off-site, by AMS Imaging certified personnel, without interrupting an organization's work environment.  As a result, the average time to design and implement an OnBase OnLine solution is days or weeks compared to months for a traditional server based  enterprise content management system.

Each OnBase OnLine solution is designed to promote optimal performance with comprehensive security, enabling an organization to focus on its business, rather than the technology behind it.

For 40 years we have been trusted to help our clients in their efforts to manage documents and increase productivity.  Please contact us to learn more.

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