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Top 8 Moments at OTTC 2013 in Las Vegas

Posted by Cindy Bialy on Mon, Sep 30, 2013 @ 02:12 PM

This year's OnBase Training and Technology(OTTC) Conference brought more than 1400 customers, prospects, partners and Hylanders together to focus on how they can increase efficiency throughout their organization with one product, OnBase.  If you missed this year's event let me say "Do not miss OTTC 2014 in Orland, FL."  This year's venue was absolutely awesome.  What made it so good?  Where do I begin?  The food was exceptional, the location amazing, the entertainment top notch, and the conference training remarkable. 

Here are my Top 8 best parts of OTTC 2013.

#8  General Sessions

Where else does the CTO of a major corporation dress up like Elvis and open the venue?  Viva Las Vegas!  Where else do you learn what the Beatles and OnBase have in common? Vegas, baby!

Elvis at OTTC


#7  The Accommodations

Mandalay Bay Resort  was extraordinary.  How can you be bored with a place that has it all -  shopping, restaurants, gambling, live music, entertainment, a wave pool, beach bar, and a lazy river.

madalayphoto 1 (2)


#6 Training Sessions

Don't take my word for it, listen to what one customer had to say...

"It was well worth the time to stay longer and take advantage of the training options.  We feel confident that we will continue to make a real impact on the day to day work across our organization."

#5  The Food

Speaking of food, did you try the carrot cake? The food was amazing this year – I’m fairly certain no one went hungry in this desert.

#4  Panel Discussions

Am I being bad enjoying hearing about current customers talk about their failing experiences with other document management software?  I loved hearing how much these customers love OnBase and really understand, "You get what you pay for."

#3 The Biggest Beach Bash EVER

After all the sessions were complete, we danced the night away poolside to live music..  Food drink, dance, swimming - it doesn't get much better than that!



#2 Downtown Las Vegas

Bright lights, wedding chapels, dancing in the streets, light shows, Bellagio Fountain show, crowds of tourists all mesmerized by sights - do I need to say more?



And the absolute TOP conference moment.....

***** #1  AMS Imaging Client Night ******

Joel Stark, Mike Thomas and myself treated our clients to a very special night out.  We began with the incredible Michael Jackson Cirque de Soleil show.  With each Michael Jackson song played on an extraordinary sound system, we saw a different stage set, different costumes, amazing dancing and acrobats.  Still enthralled but hungry, we relaxed and enjoyed a dinner at one of Vegas' top restaurants, La Fleur with delicious food provided by America's most widely recognized and acclaimed chefs, Master Chef Hubert Keller.



This year's conference may be over and, now, after reading my top highlights you may be disappointed that you missed it.  Cheer up and start planning for next year's OTTC September 14-18 in Orlando, FL.  Begin by marking your calendar now.  Next, watch for updates on our our blog.  We will post the events, schedule, details, registration and information on how to prepare a case to convince your boss to let you attend. 

Did I skip your favorite moment?  Feel free to leave your highlights in our comment section below.  We would love to hear from you.






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