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3 Simple Reasons Why Converting Your Paper Makes Sense

Posted by Dan Termale on Thu, Nov 12, 2015 @ 10:52 AM

Paperless DecisionsThe decision to go from paper to digital is one that you’ll ultimately have to make. Whether it’s sooner or later, that’s up to you. Making this transition will bring many benefits to your office, employees and your customers. The list of those benefits is long and we could spend all day talking about them! Some of the most obvious ones include reducing paper and printing expenses, saving trees and the environment, and increasing your document and data security. 

If these benefits of this content management solution aren’t enough to help you decide, then here are three simple reasons that should get you thinking: 

1.) Increase Your Office Space

Paperless SolutionsAlmost every office has filing cabinets and some offices have lots of them. Filing cabinets are a perfect picture of the past. They take up your valuable office space and slow down your business processes. If you decide to digitize the files that are in those cabinets then you will free up that much needed office space and make better use of it. Some organizations have whole floors, rooms and even buildings dedicated to storing documents at outrageous costs — not to mention the security issues, which is a whole other story. The bottom line: Going paperless will reduce your expenses and improve your organization. 

2.) Collaboration & Document Sharing 

How much easier is it to share and collaborate with your coworkers and clients when you’re working with a document in digital form rather than a file stuffed with papers? If you want to share a document with 10 people, then you could just attach it and email it to them with a few mouse clicks. What’s the easiest way to share a 20-page paper document with 10 people? There is no easy or cost effective way to do that. Just think of this simple example and multiply it exponentially for an enterprise-wide perspective. The future is definitely heading in the direction of digital and mobile collaboration. 

3.) Mobile Access 

Mobile technology is still fairly new, but has really evolved quite rapidly over the past decade. Mobile Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has unlocked another level of productivity and flow of your business processes that has drastically improved the way many businesses are running.  Employees can review, revise and work on documents, collaborate and participate in business processes no matter where they are right from their mobile devices. People do very little waiting anymore; they’re expecting your products and services to be almost instantaneous and if you can’t offer them that, then they’ll gladly give their business to a company that can offer it. Having a mobile strategy is becoming more and more crucial. 

We only touched the tip of the iceberg here, but I wanted to highlight some of the basic yet important reasons many organizations are converting from paper to digital. Change can be hard for many, but no one likes to get left behind either. Start or continue your journey to improving your organizational productivity and find the right paperless solution that fits your needs. If you have any questions or would like more information, then Contact Us. We’re here to help!

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Gartner Newsletter Issue 2 : Strive to Reach Digital Nirvana

Posted by Dan Termale on Wed, Aug 05, 2015 @ 12:11 PM

Accelerate Processes for Improved Productivity

ECM: The Solution for Every Industry

business-successBusiness processing problems exist across all industries. Content drives business. Managing your unstructured and structured content enables your business to facilitate easy collaboration, streamline workflow routing and have access to everything you need in one centralized location.

The right ECM solution will not only increase productivity and reduce manual, paper-based processes within every area of your operation, but also provide scalability and integration to your line-of-business systems so you can easily expand to other areas of the enterprise.

Embracing ECM within your organization will lead to a digitally mature environment where you have greater efficiency and more productive employees. Read more.

Every Department Can Use Document Management

departmentalRegardless of your industry, you have core functions that can be simplified. These back-office operations, from Accounts Payable(AP)/Receivable (AR), to Human Resources (HR) and Contracts can be streamlined with an ECM solution for easily realized gains in productivity and efficiency.

  • AP and AR – Accelerate your processing four-fold – with the same staff. Eliminate bottlenecks with rules-based workflows that alert reviewers to when their actions are due. Easily monitor the process – for continuous improvement.
  • HR – Give multiple authorized users access to information previously locked in paper and reduce the burden of paper files and retrieval costs. Never lose misfiled documents.
  • Contracts – Optimize your contract management with a single repository where authorized users can easily retrieve, review and collaborate. Track all edits for a full history of changes and increase visibility on the status of your contracts.

Learn more about ECM department solutions (AP: AR: HR: Contracts) and how scaling your solution can get your core more efficient.

business-process_1Industry-specific Solutions

Insurance: Accelerate Claims Processing

An ECM solution means faster service to your customers and more profitability for you – since you are reducing the cost of executing the claim.

  • In a world where information is readily available, policy holders place greater demands on you to provide similar, immediate service.
  • Challenged with processing enormous amounts of information (structured and unstructured), you need a central repository with digital content for easy tracking, retrieval and review.
  • Seamless integration with your existing systems enables our solutions to give you shared information enterprise-wide.
  • Mobile technology speeds the information flow from your customers and enables your team to take action on your claim-processing workflow – from wherever they are. Plus, there are alerts to ensure users know when their response is due.

Read more about solutions to improve your insurance workflows

Konica Minolta has been teaming up with Gartner on Industry and Market Trends revolving around technology and ECM in a series of newsletters. To read the full newsletter on striving to reach digital nirvana issue #2 then Continue Reading Here.

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File Sharing & The Cloud Have Been Revolutionizing ECM

Posted by Brianna Smith on Mon, Jun 15, 2015 @ 09:49 AM

As more and more businesses are discovering the power of the Cloud and it’s file sharing capabilities, the desire for mobile-friendly applications is increasing. In fact, cloud file sharing is pushing the ECM world towards integrating more options for mobile applications into their solutions.

When it comes to ECM software, users want something that they can access anywhere, at anytime, and is easy to use. Cloud sharing allows for this. Even in my job, Ive been using Cloud applications, like Google Docs and Google Drive, more and more often to coordinate with remote team members on projects. I can access documents wherever I am, on my laptop, phone, or tablet. Its wonderful and makes my job easier. The convenience is what appeals to users.

We already know that by utilizing the Cloud in an ECM solution, companies can save time, money, and storage space by digitizing their operations into an online system. Also, by streamlining an organizations processes and condensing its array of documents into one central, user-friendly location, organizations gain efficiency saving time, space and money by not having to store actual paper files. Having everything in one central, digital location translates to greater operational efficiency because anyone can access the stored information whenever they need it.


This desire among users to be able to access, coordinate, and complete work on mobile devices via the Cloud and file sharing is what will spur ECM solutions to evolve and improve. Already ECM is embracing the power of the cloud with applications like mobile capture. File sharing is just one other way that ECM would be able to take businesses to the next level.  

The Cloud is here to stay, and its revolutionizing how people and businesses work. Interested in how your business can benefit from a Cloud-friendly ECM solution? Contact us!


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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Implementing a Document Management System

Posted by Brianna Smith on Tue, Jun 09, 2015 @ 02:05 PM

mistakesThere are many things to consider when installing a new document management system, and many opportunities to make a mistakes along the way. Dont fall prey to the following five mistakes that are commonly made which will only make the transition more challenging than necessary.

  1. Disorganization

Businesses often choose to implement a paperless document management system because of business constraints, budget issues, or storage issues. But these systems arent implemented overnight. They take structured, step-by-step planning and realistic timelines. Failing to do so will likely result in inconvenient disruptions in the businesss operations.

  1. Investing In a Quality Scanner


There are certain tools that you shouldnt skimp on with a document management solution. Investing in a quality scanner, equipped with optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities, will allow businesses to take full advantage of everything a paperless system has to offer. Without a quality scanner, businesses run the risk of scanning documents into unsearchable or unreadable formats, and that simply wont work.

  1. No Disaster Recovery Plan

While a paperless document management system will do wonders to streamline a businesss operations, its wise to remember to back up any digital content just in case. Backing up any and all data is key to ensuring a disaster recovery plan. Without a quality back up plan, businesss risk losing important data that the business needs to operate.

  1. Not Offering Cloud-Based Access

Finding-the-Best-Enterprise-Cloud-Storage-ProvidersLets be honest. More and more people are beginning to utilize their mobile devices more often to get their work done. Businesses should consider this when shopping around for a paperless solution. Its wise to invest in one that offers reliable and secure, cloud-based access. A successful document management system will be set up so that its accessible outside of the office at any time.

  1. Poor Data Security

Any implemented document management system needs to follow proper governance standards and financial regulatory requirements that are tied to various laws, including HIPPA and SEC. These laws require any digital records to be readily accessed when needed, and require that proper security measures are taken to ensure that access to sensitive information is controlled.

By avoiding these common mistakes, implementing a new paperless document management system will be alot smoother. Just set realistic expectations, invest in a good scanner, hash out a document recovery plan, cover cloud access and take proper security measures. For more information on how to get a hold of your own document management system, contact us!


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Achieving Digital Nirvana - Part Two

Posted by Dan Termale on Wed, Jun 03, 2015 @ 01:48 PM

n. a state of perfect ROI happiness, business cultural harmony and freedom from paper

ECMNewsletter_Issue7_final_-_Digital_Nirvana_pt_2_1In this two-part insight, we challenge you to think about what kind of digital traveler you are on the digital spectrum, and we explore where your organization falls on that spectrum. Further, we look at how taking the enterprise view marries the forward-thinking strategists with the business unit needs for effective content management enabling your organization to reach Digital Nirvana.

Now that you have an idea of the type of traveler you are on the digital spectrum, and you understand the value of reaching Digital Nirvana for your business operations, we take a look at how various industries trend into those traveler groups. With some industry insight, you will be able to see if your organization fits the norm, or if your innovative leaders have helped you rise above your peers.


2_1To recap from Part One of this topic, we identified points along the journey to Digital Nirvana from transformational leaders to sustaining momentum that helps to drive the vision and encourage the actions for your enterprise to gain a positive ROI. 

And, we introduced the profile of the travelers along the digital spectrum from Beginner to Digerati to show how low action and/or low vision on part of the company is a roadblock to maturity.

Finally, we reviewed findings from a recent study by Capgemini Consulting (CGC): The Digital Advantage: How digital leaders outperform their peers in every industry, providing additional details on these groups and further showing how several industries plot into these groups. This insight lets us see which industries have found the right combination of action and vision to make their investments across the enterprise payout.

" A company that thinks through the life cycle of their content saves when they have the right tools in place. " 

Digital Maturity Matters

Screen_Shot_2015-06-01_at_10.49.00_AMFrom the chart on the right, we can see that Retail, Banking and High Technology are Digerati. Their actions and vision have led solutions for more effective business operations so they can see the value in their employees’ action. For instance, when we think of all the processing a bank must do and all the regulatory requirements they must follow, it makes sense that they would seek out efficient ways to operate across the enterprise.

Is Your Industry on the List?

The Beginners have to embrace a stronger vision and stronger action to move diagonally into the Digerati quadrant while Conservatives lack sufficient action to match its vision and Fashionistas lack the vision to match their enthusiasm for action. These travelers need a trusted advisor to help them match their vision with the actions—helping to define their needs and guide them down the digital path.

For instance, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) impacts businesses with vertical solutions (i.e., mortgage loan processing for banks) and horizontal solutions (i.e., accounts payable) but also is often deployed throughout the enterprise to centralize content in one repository for easy access for internal collaboration, compliance, customer service record access, mobile access or branch document retrieval. This ensures that the new technology impacts not only front end business processes, but also end-of-life storage or retention plans. Savings are achieved from workflow productivity and on the long-term storage of content that you need to be compliant with government rules. A company that thinks through the life cycle of their content saves when they have the right tools in place. 

" Embracing change can be a difficult proposition for a company that feels that their operations are working fine as is." 



Admittedly, embracing change can be a difficult proposition for a company that feels that their operations are working fine as is. They are reluctant to take the next step that technology provides because they are just not certain and have justified inaction. In the chart below from CGC, we see that in reality a visionary firm will have the edge in the marketplace and the company that embraces the status quo will not reap the long-term benefits of digital nirvana. 

Myths and Realities of Digital Transformation

  • Myth: Digital is primarily about the customer experience
  • Reality: Huge opportunities exist also in efficiency, productivity and employee leverage
  • Myth: Digital primarily matters only to technology or B2C companies
  • Reality: Opportunities exist in all industries with no exceptions
  • Myth: Let a thousand flowers bloom; bottom-up activity is the right way to change                                    
  • Reality: Digital transformation must be led from the top
  • Myth: If we do enough digital initiatives, we will get there
  • Reality: Transformation management intensity is more important for driving overall performance
  • Myth: Digital transformation will happen despite our IT
  • Reality: Business/IT relationships are key, and in many companies they must be improved
  • Myth: Digital transformation approach is different for every industry and company
  • Reality: Digital Leaders exhibit a common DNA
  • Myth: In our industry we can wait and see how digital develops
  • Reality: There are digital leaders outperforming their peers in every industry today

Trusted Advisor

Can you afford to wait? Let us share with you more about Konica Minolta and guide you to the right ECM solution that meets your business needs, enables you to realize a positive ROI and achieve Digital Nirvana, Contact Us!

Download the Journey to Digital Nirvana Infographic for a complete depiciton of the journey.

See Part One of Achieving Digital Nirvana where we help you reflect on your business profile and demonstrate the value of digital maturity to business processing across your enterprise. 

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3 Major Benefits Of A Hosted ECM Solution

Posted by Brianna Smith on Tue, May 19, 2015 @ 11:49 AM

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, like OnBase, have a lot of benefits to offer organizations that choose to implement them. A hosted ECM solution in particular has three major benefits that should be considered when deciding what ECM route to take.

They include:

hosted-solutions1.) Rapid Deployment

With a hosted ECM solution, organizations will see a rapid implementation of solutions that will include temporary hosted deployments and reduced internal IT complexity. This will allow organizations to better focus their resources on core business issues, rather than IT concerns. Since OnBase is typically implemented faster than other ECM solutions, organizations can also introduce their employees to the new processes more quickly, translating to more efficient and streamlined operations in less time.

competitive-edge2.) Technological Edge

A hosted ECM solution would also give organizations a technological edge over any competition because it increases its ability to deploy the solution rapidly to meet growing business needs.

The OnBase ECM solution offers:

  • Continuous access to the latest network technology

  • Access to comprehensive security, back up, disaster recovery and support services, and

  • Access to expanded OnBase functionality and modules

3.) Reduced Costs


In addition to rapid deployment and a technological edge, a hosted ECM solution would allow organizations to get rid of the purchase, installation, upgrading and maintenance of hardware and software. Additionally, not only would the risk to existing system environments be reduced, but the risks, costs and administrative responsibilities associated with developing and maintaining the required IT infrastructure would be reduced as well.

Interested in learning more about hosted ECM solutions? Then Contact us we have plenty more information and articles on this topic!

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Trends In ECM That Will Impact It’s Future - Part Two

Posted by Brianna Smith on Mon, May 18, 2015 @ 02:38 PM

In part one of this article, we discussed how the growing trend among employees is expecting the ability to work anytime, anywhere, from any device, and the pressure’s it is it putting on IT departments and traditional ECM systems.

 The other two trends are as follows:

  1. Increased Volume of Digital Content

Organizations are creating a lot more content digitally than they were 20, 10, or even five years ago. Simply put, we’re living in a data-centric world. And as more and more people gain access to technology and begin to utilize it more in their businesses, the amount of content being created will only increase. Understandably, ECM systems are going to be expected to keep pace with the tidal wave of content being created across the globe on a daily basis to ensure that businesses and organizations continue to operate efficiently.

  1. Evolution of IT Infrastructure

business-social-digital_149077322We have already established that more people are desiring and expecting to be able to work from anywhere, anytime, on the device of their choice. This means that the IT behind many of today’s businesses are having to change to accommodate things like the public and private cloud to support employees and businesses being able to operate 24/7.

To make this happen successfully, IT departments will have to ensure that today’s cloud-centric ECM system is able to support the full range of deployment options and device types. IT departments will have to manage support across an array of new mobile platforms to meet growing demand from workers. This can’t be done with older ECM systems that are based on software architectures from earlier times. After all, these traditional platforms only offer limited mobile support, as they weren’t built to accommodate a system heavily dependent on the cloud.

Like it or not, the world of ECM is evolving to better suit the new class of worker and the volume of content that is exploding across the globe. The ‘work anywhere’ mentality is becoming commonplace, and the next-generation ECM systems will have to keep up with all of these changes if they want to succeed.


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The Future Of Business Process Is the Future of ECM

Posted by Sam Errigo on Tue, May 12, 2015 @ 11:04 AM

IDM_PageEnterprise Content Management is hot right now. And for good reason.

As more and more companies realize they have to pay greater attention to information management, security and compliance of data, the realm of ECM is poised for exponential growth.  Legacy paper-based systems provide limited value and clearly do not meet the stringent security requirements necessary in today’s workplace.   

As ECM continues to develop, users are looking for solutions beyond the traditional offerings of scanning, tracking, converting and storing. Users will demand a fluid interactive experience with access via mobile and cloud to keep pace with the speed required to compete in today’s economy.  The access of data in meaningful ways can be a competitive advantage across multiple business domains such as sales, marketing and finance.  

legal-complianceMost companies adopted ECM for one of two reasons. The first was compliance. Industries including healthcare and legal are bound by a raft of restrictions and regulations from record management and archiving to information governance. ECM bundles solutions to all of those requirements so that companies can achieve compliance while enhancing security. The second reason was corporate functionality. Thanks to ECM, a company’s growing document workload could be easily captured and distributed in any form, from print to electronic. Employees could move information faster, whether it was converting file formats, automatically routing emails or basic scan and share. Collaboration, regardless of location, was facilitated.

Now, a third reason is entering the mix: business process management. In other words, ECM is becoming integral to the entire business process, whether it is customer relationship management, supply chain management or enterprise resource planning. This is an exciting step forward. Building ECM to handle a company’s entire business process connects all of the individual applications together. This, in turn, creates a holistic integration that goes deep into the user experience.

dreamstime_xxl_24446767This “deep content” approach drills down to give us insight into workflow and processes, and even lines of business. Overlaying ECM across the entire business model allows integration at not only a user level, but also at the roles and permissions levels.

A deep dive to map the entire spectrum of the enterprise will shed light on how lines of business operate and connect, how the user experiences content and even what the very nature of that content is.

This, in turn, allows a company to take stock of its entire organization and make adjustments necessary to ensure survival, growth and prosperity. The future of business process is the future of ECM. For more information on ECM and how it can help your business, Contact Us, we would love to help.

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Save Time & Money with a Cloud-based ECM Solution

Posted by Brianna Smith on Mon, Apr 20, 2015 @ 03:16 PM

time-moneyWhat business wouldnt want to save time and money? We all know that traditional means of operations within many businesses are very paper intensive. This opens up the door for important documents getting lost or damaged. To counter this, many businesses are exploring solutions in the ECM arena primarily for solutions that will allow them to store their documents digitally, in the Cloud. 

Fortunately, one such solution exists. With a cloud-based ECM solution, like those offered by Konica Minolta, businesses can save time, money, and storage space by digitizing and converting an online system. Via the Cloud, the integrated information can be accessed from anywhere.

111222_009With the continued rise in use of smartphones and tablets, cloud-based document management solutions are becoming a popular means of doing business. And why not? It offers everything that a traditional ECM solution does, but goes a step forward with the added bonus of functionality and convenience.

As if that's not reason enough to implement a unique, secure solution, cloud-based ECM also grants businesses:

Decreased Maintenance Costs

The cloud-based ECM approach ensures that businesses will no longer have to spend money supporting and maintaining new servers or their current infrastructure. No new, fancy equipment is required only a device (computer, laptop, phone, tablet, etc.) and an internet connection. No matter the device, companies can enjoy the full capabilities and functions of the cloud-based ECM solution.

Decreased Storage Space and Costs

Since the cloud-based ECM solution digitizes everything, paper will become a thing of the past meaning that businesses can save space and money by not having to store actual paper files. Also, having everything in one central, digital location translates to greater operational efficiency because anyone can access the stored information whenever they need it. No more paper shuffling!

Freed Up Resources

Because employees will be able to use their own phones, tablets, laptops, or computers, to access information stored in the cloud-based ECM solution, businesses will no longer have to designate IT personnel to support and maintain the ECM solution.

Are you interested in saving your business time and money? Contact us and well help set you up with a cloud-based ECM solution of your own!


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The Best Way to Boost Your Data Security

Posted by Brianna Smith on Thu, Apr 02, 2015 @ 03:37 PM

data-securityTheres no doubt about it. Traditional, paper-heavy methods of storing documents and important files pose a security risks for companies. Thats why its important for businesses to consider implementing an enterprise content management (ECM) solution.

When businesses rely on outdated, paper-intensive processes to store and manage important documents and information, theyre placing their entire company at risk because paper documents and files can become damaged or lost. Theyre unsecured and vulnerable.

hipaa-audit-w-wordle1Then theres compliance regulations and audits to consider. With the increasing levels of compliance regulations and required audits, both internal and external, keeping track of necessary documents is more important than ever. This is hard to do with a system centered around paper and paper-heavy businesses run the risk of compromised or lost data that could result in lawsuits and other negative repercussions.

If you find yourself asking the following questions, then it’s time to consider an ECM solution:

  • I need to safeguard my data.

  • Compliance requirements are keeping me up at night.

  • I am at risk of being out-of-compliance and incurring fees.

  • I am not cost effective in meeting my governance, regulatory or compliance requirements.

Implementing an ECM solution to help with data security will ease minds and facilitate audits and other compliance requirements. In fact, a lot of organizations realize huge cost savings from existing auditing costsincluding remote, secure access to critical documentation, after implementing an ECM solution.

solutionsCostSavingsAn ECM solution, like OnBase, can offer businesses many security options and user-permission rules to ensure complete confidentiality of documents and sensitive information. It can do away with time consuming, paper-heavy processes and condense everything down to one paperless, centralized, digital system that if used with the Cloud can be accessed from virtually anywhere. It would streamline an organizations business processes and makes thing much more efficient while saving time and money. Who wouldnt want this?

If you would like more information on how you can boost your data security by implementing an ECM solution, contact us!

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