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Construction ECM - Don't Work Harder Work Smarter

Posted by Dan Termale on Thu, Jun 06, 2013 @ 02:43 PM

Construction ecmIf you know someone who works in the construction industry or perhaps you work in this industry, then you know it consists of a lot of hard work. A lot of manual labor in all different types of harsh natural elements are apart of the everyday job in construction. Even if your not the one framing a house in 10 degree weather or the one laying asphalt down in 98 degree weather but you work in the administrational area of the industry we know you work very hard too. Everyday on the job consists of new challenges and tasks that in one way or another generates a number of different business documents like expense reports or invoices and larger documents like blueprints and building plans . The question becomes do you want to work harder or do you want to work smarter?

Construction Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions like OnBase have transformed the way many construction businesses manage their projects, job sites, and workers. Once they started having the ability to control all of the incoming and outgoing documents, information, and communication they realized the saying "Work Smarter Not Harder" had more weight to it then they had realized! Many of the business processes like Accounts Payabe, Human Resources, or Engineering are very paper intensive that involve a lot of people and many documents that end up being scattered into a variety of different folders, filing cabinets, and disconnected systems. Having your business critical information spread out like that is not a recipe for success or efficiency.

work smarter not harderThe ECM solution, OnBase, is being deployed by organizations all over the world from every industry to serve as a system of control for all their projects and processes. In the construction world, your whole business revolves around "projects" and having the ability to control and have checklist management tools to manage them is crucial. Here are some areas that OnBase helps construction companies:

▪ Scale their solution across PC's, Phones and iPad's while managing information in a central repository
▪ Manage Auto-CAD, Revit, and other CAD or Building Information Modeling (BIM) Documents and Information
▪ Promote faster inter-departmental processing, allowing staff to make better, more informed decisions

Those are just a few areas that a construction ecm solution can help you to improve on. These ECM platforms are designed to overhaul your entire organization and handle even the most complex processes and business functions. The ROI on an ECM system usually pays for itself within the first 12-18 months and you will feel the effects of running more efficiently immediately.

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