Blueprint Scanning Services


Blueprints and other Large Format Drawings provide valuable engineering and architectural information, but they can be difficult to manage and store, can degrade over time, and with the continued march to CAD and mobile, can be difficult to share or update.

Konica Minolta has been a leader in Blueprint Scanning and Large Format Document Conversion services for over 20 Years.

Outsourcing your blueprint scanning or other large format conversion project to Konica Minolta, we guarantee the highest quality images for all of your documents.

Our Blueprint and Large Format Scanning Services can help you to convert the media types below to electronic images:

  • Maps Large Format Scanner
  • Newspapers and Newsprint
  • Large Photos and Posters
  • Sepia, Black Line, and Diazo Prints
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Facility Drawings

Converting your Blueprint and other Large Format Drawings will help to save space and improve access to information, plus the files can be easily imported and overlayed in AutoCAD or other leading CAD Applications.

Why Hire Konica Minolta for Blueprint Scanning/Conversion Services?

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