Business Process Improvement

Revolutionize Your Process

We will help your organization run much faster and more efficiently by automating many of the predictable, repeated steps in your processes. By providing useful tools to both search for and work with your information, OnBase ECM solutions will facilitate the tasks and activities involved with case management. By generating documents based on decisions made within your processes, OnBase Workflow saves you time and improves your customer service. 

Business Process Improvement

Case Management

Manage all the tasks, activities, conversations and reminders which surround your processes in one system and facilitate your case management work. 

Business Process Improvement

OnBase optimizes the way documents and data flow through your organization. This makes your processes run at optimal speed by automating predictable decisions routing exceptions to the correct individuals. 

Working Digitally

Now that your content is available electronically, you have a comprehensive toolset that simply does not exist in a paper world. You can retrieve documents by searching for any word or phrase within them. You can create and track multiple revisions of documents and sign them with a signature pad or tablet.

Document Composition and Distribution

OnBase automatically generates letters, statements, and documents based on business decisions and then distributes them to your customers and constituents via letter, email or fax. If you need to send a set of documents on digital media, you can create CD/DVD and Blu-ray discs with an easy to use, built-in viewer.