Improving Services for Child Support Today and Tomorrow with Document Management

Child SupportTo eliminate the costs associated with paper-based processes and storage and to lay the groundwork for faster, more efficient programs, many of our customers have turned to document management solutions . It's not just any document management solution – one that gives you an affordable entry point with a foundation to grow your solution sustainably.

With a phased approach, you can evolve your document management solution as you, your staff and your services evolve. Start with document capture at intake and connect those documents to your case management system. Add process automation to speed up decisions and annual reviews while reclaiming budget resources and staff time – even provide mobile and tablet options to staff in the field.

Why a document management solution for Child Support?

  • Speed up tasks like client intake, eligibility determination
  • Secure documents and confidential information
  • Connect case management systems and documents for easy retrieval of critical information
  • Provide kiosk, mobile or web-based services for clients
  • Eliminate the paper and the low value tasks like filing, storing, photocopying and printing
  • Meet “new normal” challenges by saving staff time and money as you eliminate paper
  • Authorized attorneys and auditors have self service access to complete case files
  • Documents support all case data – now everything available in one place