Cloud-Based ECM

Move Your File Cabinets to the Cloud 

The CloudYou can now manage your content in the cloud with confidence. Cloud based Document Management and ECM solutions are gaining popularity amongst many organizations worldwide. Our cloud based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions offer industry leading technology that have both the security and functionality that organizations look for in a ECM solution. 

Here are 3 great reasons to consider a Cloud based approach to your Document Management needs: 

1. Take advantage of infrastructure that you can't afford or choose not to invest in at the moment. 

The beauty of a Cloud-based ECM approach is that you don't need to buy, support or maintain any additional servers or change your network's infrastructure. You can just continue to use your existing devices and internet connection while using your new ECM system with full capabilities and functionality as an in-house solution. 

2. Save money on capital expenditure.

The pros of a Cloud-based ECM solution go beyond the initial cost savings on hardware, but this type of project can be easier to get approved and financed. Your Document Management project can get up and running much faster do to this. By utilizing flexible month-to-month subscription based licensing models, these costs will usually come from your operating budget instead of the capital expense budget, which often requires long justification and approval processes. This is a big factor when determining what type of solution is a good fit and that will likely get approved.

3. Free up your IT resources

Instead of having to train and deploy the people on your staff to support the new infrastructure for your ECM solution, you can have them focus on other value-adding projects. When you partner with a vendor such as Konica Minolta, your solution is maintained by trained, industry expert ECM professionals who will install and upgrade your system for you. Konica Minolta has a highly secure state of the art Data Center where we host and maintain your solution 24/7 .