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CourtBase SolutionsCourtBase™ is a system designed for managing the many and varied documents that pass through the court system daily. CourtBase™ provides unrivaled Electronic Document Management, giving court's unprecedented control over their documents, which are the lifeblood of the court's transactions. This solution builds upon OnBase™ from Hyland Software, offering unparalleled flexibility, while affording a fully integrated ECM software suite. 

Used by enterprise systems worldwide, OnBase™ can capture, route, manage, share, and archive high volumes of information critical to operations, audits, and customer service. CourtBase™ provides the transactional engine for the automated receipt, indexing and routing of documents in your business workflows. It also enables collaborative distribution, retrieval and sharing via SharePoint for easy access to the case document, all within a portable and secure enterprise class document repository. CourtBase™ raises the bar with leading-edge distribution of documents utilizing products such as Microsoft SharePoint, the iPad, and other next generation tablets running the Android OS.

No Budget? No Problem.

E-Filing is the latest initiative within the CourtBase family of products and was designed to shift the software and development costs from the Courts to the filers.

This model, currently used in several states across the country, applies a convenience fee to the cost of a filing much in the same way that Ticketmaster applies a fee to concert tickets.

The fee itself is processed by the provider, not the County, thereby removing any concern or liability of credit card processing.

Free to Court

  • Convenience fee for eFiling service
  • Filers that use the service, pay for the service
  • No hardware, software or IT involvement
  • Costs Less - Courts do not have to pay six figure sums for an eFiling system

Reduce Workload

  • Do more with the same staff
  • Clerk’s office and Courts no longer have to shuffle paper
  • Clerk spends less time at counter and handling phone calls

Increase Revenue

  • Courts may elect to share in convenience fee

Improve Service

  • Attorneys/pro-se litigants submit court filings from the internet
  • 24/7 access for filers, plus 24/7 eFiling phone helpline
  • eFiling tool provides instructions to help filers complete the correct information

solution benefitsBenefits:

  • Better Service - Attorneys/pro-se litigants submit court filings from the internet
  • Less Congestion - Less people standing in line at the counter
  • Greater Efficiency - Clerk’s office and Courts no longer have to shuffle paper
  • Saves Money - Eliminates need for physical storage space
  • Costs Less - Courts do not have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to license, implement and manage an eFiling system
  • Installed in dozens of courts in 7 States

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