Departmental Smart Process Applications

Smart Process Apps support dynamic, people-intensive business activities.

Smart Process Applications are a new breed of workflow and process management tools that are able to handle the dynamic, complex, and ever changing processes of real world business. You can think of it as having a solution that functions with an intuitive nature, learns by example, and gets better and more accurate over time.

Today, the reality is that the ability to capture, store, and manage information is not enough. Your organization receives content from many different sources, in a myriad of formats, and for dozens of different processes. With Smart Process Applications, such as Kofax TotalAgility you can standardize the inputs and manage every case scenario from one single dashboard. These Smart Process Applications fill the gap between the customer-oriented systems of engagement and systems of record by automating both the structured and unstructured activities and information involved in a collaborative process.

Smart Process Application Document Management Solutions address the following administrative functions:

AP Automation

Accounts Payable - Maximize the benefits that can be achieved by fast, efficient and precise invoice processing.

accounts receivable OnbaseAccounts Receivable - See exactly what's coming in and going out in real time, making cash flow management more exact.

Human Resource ECMHuman Resource - Gain instant access to employee documents helping HR manage the employee lifecycle.

Mailroom automationDigital Mailroom - Improve accuracy and efficiency by automatically capturing and routing paper and electronic communication.

As your company continues to evolve, trust Konica Minolta to be your partner in helping to create, optimize, and manage your administrative business processes.

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