Distribution Document Management Solutions

Facing Complex Operations and Increasing Compliance with Scalable Solutions 

Distribution ECMWe know that as your operations grow and become more complex, you would rather have a scalable process to handle the classification and retention of your material than face an escalating number of invoices, purchase orders, compliance reports and other paperwork that over-tax your employees and drive inefficiency in your operations.

You see a myriad of complex problems, daily, more likely now than at any other time in the distribution industry’s history.  Also, you face a host of government and insurance regulations that complicates your needs even further. Compliance often requires proper storage procedures and timely retrieval methods for a variety of business-related documents, such as environmental and financial reports.

The processes you face become much more complex as your organization’s operations grow. Between the world-wide competitive pressure and the demand for greater customer and supplier collaboration, you have to address a growing list of operational efficiency and process innovation issues, making Konica Minolta’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions fundamental to your continued success.

Konica Minolta ECM Allows Distribution Organizations To:

  • Convert all incoming paper documents to electronic forms
  • Upload electronic files to an online repository
  • Create workflow rules to electronically route documents through approval processes
  • Use document templates to create electronic online business forms

Benefits Provided To Distributors Utilizing Konica Minolta ECM Solutions:

  • Improve customer service: With real-time access to invoices and other critical distribution documents.
  •  Increase fulfillment: Through electronic document routing and retrieval processes, which can speed delivery time and eliminate lost or misplaced forms
  • Meet a variety of disparate compliance needs: Address federal, state, and local regulations, as well as insurance company audits and supplier agreement requirements
  • Decrease storage needs: Reduces (or eliminates) physical file storage, so office space can be reallocated or trimmed
  • Increase productivity: Streamlines processes for accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources and contract management
  • Reduce labor and paper costs: Automation eliminates repetitive steps and decreases printing needs
  • Provide online access: Allows authorized employees, partners, and customers to collaborate and download certain documents

Distribution Industry Brochure:

Speeding Distribution with Automated Processes and Improved Efficiency


Is your distribution organization overwhelmed with paperwork? Are purchase orders, invoices, inventories and compliance reports properly filed and easily accessed? Can you handle fast-changing government, insurance and environmental regulations? Are you caught between the demands of your customers and the capabilities of your suppliers? And does your business need new cost-saving strategies to stay competitive?