Where Does ECM Start?

Capturing your information is often the first step in your business process workflow and it's important that you choose the right solution to fit your unique business challenges. 

With our Capture solutions you can Capture any type of content from any location. The power of capturing your information right at the source, regardless of where they are or what format they are, will jump start your business processes. Our capture technology houses them in a single easy-to-use platform with minimal need for human interaction.


Use any desktop, multi-function or production-level scanner. Whether it's a single page or thousands of documents, you can capture them where you receive them, saving the time and expense associated with transportation. 

Electronic Documents

It’s not just paper documents that are hard to find. When your relevant business information is in electronic form, it can get scattered across the enterprise and other business systems. 

Data & Info from Documents

dreamstime_xl_18101491_4.jpgAs documents are captured, our solutions pull the relevant data off the page and then share it with your other systems. The documents that come into your organization contain very important information, which your business needs in order to operate.

  • Eliminate need for manual data entry
  • Securely access all of your important information
  • Route all of your related information through your business processes
  • Manage the complete cycle of corporate records

In the end, you want to improve your workflow and reduce employee frustration.  You want to have a secure environment where authorized workers and customers can easily access data.  ECM lets you remove the roadblocks to productivity and improve your customer-experience and your bottom line.