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EMC’s Documentum ApplicationXtender electronically stores, organizes, and manages virtually any kind of business content. ApplicationXtender is easy to implement, integrate, and manage, providing instant, role-based access to content from either a desktop interface or web browser. As a result, you gain better decision-making, improved services levels, and increased productivity. Based on an easy-to-use Microsoft® Windows/.NET-optimized system, ApplicationXtender integrates document imaging, report management, workflow, and document management services.

ApplicationXtender Image Capture
EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender Image Capture enables fast, efficient scanning, including both high-speed batch scans and configurable queue processing. Feature-rich yet easy to use, ApplicationXtender Image Capture makes possible large-volume image acquisition and indexing. Seamlessly integrated with EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender, it’s a key component of a complete, high-volume document capture solution.

ApplicationXtender Integration Module
EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender Integration Module allows you to integrate any business application with EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender – without programming. ApplicationXtender Integration Module’s revolutionary image-enabling technology helps you maximize investments in your existing line of business (LOB) applications.
With ApplicationXtender Integration Module, employees can access information quickly and easily, empowering their decisions and customer service activities. This allows them to deliver higher levels of quality and service than ever before.

ApplicationXtender Media Distribution
EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender Media Distribution enables you to distribute ApplicationXtender center via CD to third parties, whether or not they use ApplicationXtender. ApplicationXtender Media Distribution can also be used for internal distribution when web access in not possible – or simply to take a snapshot of content at a given moment for archival purposes.

ApplicationXtender Reports Management
EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender Reports Management facilitates the electronic presentation of statements, bill, invoices, policies, contracts, and other business information. Able to handle advanced print streams as well as traditional COLD text formats,
ApplicationXtender Reports Management significantly reduces costs associated with paper, film and microfiche.
ApplicationXtender Reports Management maintains the format of print stream reports to ensure exact replication in PDF format. It also provides a powerful data extraction tool for intelligent parsing and indexing of reports.

ApplicationXtender Retention Management with EMC® Centera
EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender Retention Management with EMC Centera assures the immutability of information managed by EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender. ApplicationXtender Retention Management with EMC Centera® supports the regulated records and litigation support capabilities of EMC Centera, including EMC Centera® Governance Edition and EMC Centera® Compliance Edition Plus.
With ApplicationXtender Retention Management with EMC Centera, documents are inaccessible outside of the ApplicationXtender, cannot be externally altered, and are only removed from media when they reach their respective expiration dates. ApplicationXtender administrators can easily configure retention policies without the need for separate management applications or interfaces, making this solution ideal for organizations that need to enforce policies for information protection and authenticity.

ApplicationXtender Workflow
EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender Workflow provides automated workflow management for information and documents residing in EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender. With ApplicationXtender Workflow, users can collaborate on work with easy access to workflows (via desktop or web clients) as well as to visual process maps that define how work gets done.
In addition, EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender Workflow for Accounts Payable is a pre-packaged solution that provides complete management of AP documents while automating the routing of routine AP documents.

Records Manager for ApplicationXtender
EMC Documentum Records Manager for ApplicationXtender enables you to declare, safeguard, and access records. Records Manager for ApplicationXtender also cost-effectively archives or destroys records according to system-enforced administrative, regulatory, or legal rules.
With Records Manager for ApplicationXtender, your organization can demonstrate compliance with regulations, defend internal policies and actions, and avoid legal, monetary, and procedural penalties. At the same time, you can protect your intellectual resources, reduce expenses, and preserve your corporate image