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SMB Challenge: Working SmarterAiim_Wordflow_image.jpg

Consider how low-value tasks are driving down your productivity and employee morale. ECM can help you eliminate this drag on your productivity and enable your business to thrive.


Time is Money. Your Money.

Gov-ArchivesTime is Money. It’s a cliché—but people use it when they find they are stuck in a slow moving situation instead of moving forward productively. We used to be willing to wait, but now we want everything fast.



Government Archives: Secure Access & Easy RetrievalGov-Archives

Continuing the conversation on the value of using ECM with government archives to ensure that archives can be easily retrieved, that your Content Retention Plan is easy to maintain and that you do not incur risk of malicious or deliberate destruction of important records.


Innovations In Mobile Cause Blurred Lines


When you leave the office at the end of the day—do you leave all your work behind? With a smartphone or a tablet, more and more employees are finding that the solid line dividing the end of their work day and the start of their personal day is blurring. In our global society, it is not uncommon to speak to international divisions late at night or early in the morning to accommodate several time zones across the globe.

Achieving Digital Nirvana - Part One


In this two-part insight, we challenge you to think about what kind of digital traveler you are on the digital spectrum, and we explore where your organization falls on that spectrum. Further, we look at how taking the enterprise view marries the forward-thinking strategists with the business unit needs for effective content management enabling your organization to reach Digital Nirvana.



Achieving Digital Nirvana - Part Two

Now that you have an idea of the type of traveler you are on the digital spectrum, and you understand the value of reaching Digital Nirvana for your business operations, we take a look at how various industries trend into those traveler groups. With some industry insight, you will be able to see if your organization fits the norm, or if your innovative leaders have helped you rise above your peers.


Disruptive Trends Force IT Professionals to Re-think the Enterprise

The digital revolution spawned by the explosive growth of disruptive technologies such as mobile, cloud, social and analytical tools are continuing to fundamentally reshape the enterprise IT landscape. ECM has become more important within business units that see how a workflow can reduce manual processes, eliminate redundancy and take paper out of the work equation.


Transformational Leaders Take the Enterprise View

Popular with most leaders is the commitment to transformation. No leader wants to be left behind while technology has marched forward. Transformational leaders look for ways to not only improve their processes and procedures, but transform their way of thinking—enter the Twenty-First Century of Innovation.


Screen_Shot_2014-12-02_at_11.19.10_AM-1Why ECM is Business Innovation in the 21st Century

With each individual in the company empowered to see where changes can be made for improvement those incremental changes can, and do lead to monumental changes in operations.



Connecting at Home and the Office


With more and more electronic devices connecting our lives—with text  messaging for instant communications, SkypeTM for video communication   and GPS for finding our way—savvy business entrepreneurs have taken one more step to bring this connectivity to the home. 






Archive What You Need. Destroy What You Don't Need.

Every business is looking for ways to increase their productivity as well as having their employees work more efficiently. Bring productivity to the end-of-life of your business cycle.