Government Finance and Administration Document Management Solutions

Finance and AdministrationThe core functions of government have always been taken care of by the finance and administrative departments - from accounts payable, records management and human resources to tax collection, property assessment and agenda management.

But like all government departments, your staff and budget for these functions are stretched thin. You’re often saddled with long lists of regulations and sometimes legal requirements drive up costs. How can you keep vital government functions and responsibilities moving and find ways to innovate, save staff time and eliminate costs?

Start with the one thing all of you have in common – documents. No matter which finance or administrative department you look at, documents are at the center of many of their processes.

Meeting today’s challenges and ready for tomorrow’s

Control the documents with our Finance and Administration solutions. You can meet today’s challenges by converting paper documents to electronic files and automating the processes surrounding them. And once you’ve laid a solid foundation, you can use our flexible and phased approach to grow your solution affordably and sustainably. And, you’re ready for the future as you move toward mobile apps, self-service options and more transparency.

Why do you need a solution for your finance and administration functions?

  • Speed up tasks like invoice processing, agenda management and property valuation appeals
  • Create internal and external transparency, affordably
  • Meet records requests quickly or through self-service options
  • Eliminate the paper and the low value tasks like filing, storing, photocopying and printing
  • Secure documents and confidential information
  • Meet “new normal” challenges by saving staff time and money as you eliminate paper

As you continue to evolve the way that you offer services to your constituents, we evolve with you. Start by simply capturing and retaining content, then integrate your document management system with your ERP. Next, move to automating processes and eventually, providing mobile and tablet options to staff in the field. With each step, you’ll speed up finance and administrative departments and reclaim budget and staff resources.