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Documents and digital content are flying across your campus.  Students, faculty, staff, vendors and alumni  are generating and receiving paper documents, email, faxes, and web submissions at unprecedented rate.  Your institution’s ability to manage this constant flow of content determines how well you serve each of your constituents.  With solutions from Hyland Software, we can help improve processing efficiencies, data security, and student services campus wide.

Over 400 colleges and universities have implemented Konica Minolta's enterprise content management system (ECM) to improve access and control of documents and digital content.  We give users instant access to documents from existing applications such as Student Information Systems or ERP solutions with no programming changes.  Our workflow solutions eliminate low-value add manual tasks and allows staff members to focus on the important tasks that make your institution successful. 

Which departments can benefit from ECM? 

A better question might be, "Which departments can’t improve efficiencies with OnBase?"  Konica Minolta has helped Admissions, Financial Aid,  Advancement, Facilities, Accounts Payable and HR, improve their processing and document security with well-designed ECM solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

"I appreciate your attention to detail and professionalism on such a complex long term
project.  SSU is now poised for a great 2012 academic year with state of the art
document imaging workflow."

Rebecca Delvin, Project Manager
Salem State University  

Higher Education Brochure & Customer Success Stories:

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Cut Weeks Off Your Admissions Processing Cycle with ECM

When your goal is to admit the best-fit applicant, speed is key. The faster an applicant receives an acceptance letter, the sooner your school becomes a real option – and the more likely the applicant is to accept.


Salem State Case Study

OnBase resolves the needs of Salem State University

Learn how Salem State University overcame inefficient paper challenges, tedious paper retrieval processes, and compromised document integrity in this customer written customer success profile.


Higher Education Document Management Brochure

Screen Shot 2014 09 02 at 4.02.27 PMIn today’s fast-changing world, colleges and universities are looking for ways to cut costs, stretch budgets, implement new technologies and improve educational outcomes. Konica Minolta and OnBase® by Hyland software gives you campus-wide content management for every educational need: admissions, financial aid, course preparation, academic records, student athletics, alumni relations and more—all the elements that empower your academic institution to provide superior educational services.