How The Digital Mailroom Works

This Is How It All Works:

digital mailroom1)    Your Incoming Mail will be redirected to a dedicated PO Box at the central Providence Post Office.  Konica Minolta picks up mail multiple times each day including Saturdays and brings it directly to our mail room processing center located in Warwick, RI.   We use only our own trucks and personnel, ensuring a dedicated chain of custody for all of your mail.

2)    At our production facility, mail is received, logged, processed, scanned and indexed by our experienced mail room staff according to your specifications.  Each client’s mail is batched individually for immediate processing by dedicated client teams.

3)    Our dedicated scanning professionals scan the mail and our internal team of data entry clerks perform all index data entry. No indexing is sent offshore.  We perform a thorough quality control review of each image that to ensure complete readability.

4)    Scanned Images are uploaded via FTP, SFTP, or Direct VPN File Transfer to your Enterprise Content Management System. In fact, users can often access images within 1-Hour of being received at our processing facility.  

Our digital mailroom solutions eliminate paper handling delays, paper storage costs, and the management headaches associated with internal mailroom operations.

Digital Mailroom , Paperless MailroomIn addition, most clients find that our Digital Mailroom services are a more secure alternative to their internal processing, and our staff provides your management team with detailed reports to help monitor incoming items and adjust processing resources accordingly. Finally, our mail room services are more cost effective and easier to manage when compared to internal mail room operations

We offer a no-risk, complimentary mail study to help clients better quantify the potential benefits of our Digital Mailroom Services. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with one of our Solutions Experts to assess your situation, review your requirements and work with you to find the best solution for your mailroom needs.

Would you like to reduce your total mailroom costs by 87%?