Intranet Portal

Intranet Implementation

Considered by many as the core of SharePoint, collaboration is a powerful tool when it is used as a department or enterprise-wide intranet. By leveraging our Gold Certification as a Content and Collaboration Partner, we can plan, design and implement SharePoint as your new intranet platform so your team can achieve new levels of productivity.

Portal Implementation

As with its use as an intranet, we can implement SharePoint as a portal so that you can collaborate with remote employees, customers, partners, vendors, and other external parties. We will ensure that only the proper access is granted and that your SharePoint sites remain secure.








Key Challenges:

  • Understanding SharePoint Functionality
  • Expanding SharePoint Functionality
  • Increasing employee adoption of SharePoint
  • Intranet capabilities for 

Key Benefits from Our Intranet Portal:

  • Company productivity
  • Expanding utilization
  • Learning about what you don’t know
  • Fixing stalled deployments
  • More productive staff