Kofax Mobile Capture for the Insurance Industry - How it works

For Customers and Field Claims Adjusters:

Kofax Mobile Platform automatically classifies photographed documents and extracts the data. Virtually any document type, including handwritten forms, invoices, checks and more, can be sent into business processes. When you receive the information from your customers or field claims employees, this automatic Touchless Processing™ greatly reduces reduce the time required to understand and decide what to do with it.

  • Extend capture around the world -  Capture all document types including drivers licenses, checks, pay stubs, tax forms and more
  • Improve data accuracy - Use advanced recognition technologies with industry leading extraction rates on all types of text, including machine print, hand print and cursive handwriting in more than 140 languages
  • Benefit from automatic learning - The mobile platform can be trained rapidly to understand your unique document types using learn-by-example technology for classification, separation and extraction
  • Gain fast ROI - ROI is typically achieved within 12 months thanks to improved efficiency and reduced labor costs

Advanced Image Processing

Kofax Mobile Capture™ features the patented image perfection technology of Kofax VRS® so documents photographed by your customers are the highest quality and the information can be extracted and utilized in downstream business processes.

  • As easy as taking a picture – Your customers or feild employees simply snap a photo of the document and Kofax VRS automatically enhances to improve data extraction quality
  • Capture any and all documents – Provide the power to submit mixed document types including driver’s licenses, passports, contracts and more
  • Ready for your business – Kofax intelligently cleans, rotates, crops and deskews documents before data is extracted and delivered into your processes
  • Make customers happy – Faster service and fewer exceptions all add up to a better experience for your customers

Kofax Mobile capture results
Curious to try it for your self?  Download the Kofax MobileCapture demo app from your App store or ITunes.