Kofax Mobile Capture

Extend Business Process Management to Mobile Devices

Kofax Mobile

In today's fast-paced market, customers expect real-time answers to questions such as: What is the status of my claim or loan? Did you receive my document? When will my account be ready?

Kofax Mobile Capture™ turns a smart phone or tablet into a sophisticated scanning device which not only captures a document, but also cleanses it and extracts critical data. With this, field representatives or customers themselves can capture documents, photos and data into the cloud to initiate critical business processes at the earliest point in the process.

From virtually anywhere, we can capture your information and deliver it to enterprise applications to accelerate processes, minimizes latency, speeds transactions and reduces processing costs for better service.

By leveraging the Kofax Mobile Capture platform, organizations improve the agility and responsiveness of their processes to close more business faster, improve customer satisfaction by proactively engaging customers on their terms and reduce process costs and latency through intelligent automation, dashboards and analytics.

  • Turn any smartphone or tablet into an enterprise information capture application
  • Capture documents and optimize the images for highest quality
  • Transform them into editable, searchable information with smaller file size
  • Add meta data to documents
  • Submit documents and data to business processes, archives or systems
  • Enforce business rules from corporate systems directly within the app