Kofax Capture | Enterprise Capture Software

Kofax Capture provides organizations with a single solution for information capture across the enterprise.

Whether you're capturing emails, PDF's, or paper documents and delivering them to OnBase, FileBound, FileNet, or one of thousands of other ECM and Line of Business Applications, Kofax is the gold standard for Document Capture. 

Kofax Capture 10 Screenshot  

Capture Early. Capture Often.

Kofax Capture 10.1 R2, the latest release of the Kofax Capture product, even further enhances our ongoing commitment to capturing information closer to the point of origination. Whether you need to scan and capture documents from Copiers in Shanghai, or Fax Machines in Boise, Kofax Capture technology provides the tools you need to get information in, and results out.

No More Dongles. Way more Power.

The Kofax Capture software solutions represent an additional evolution of document capture technology, which now doesn't require a Serial Dongle or USB Dongle to Operate. In addition, the Software now features an improved user interface that better reflects the Microsoft Fluent User Interface Standards. This helps to lower user training requirements and increases user satisfaction. For those who need even more Advanced Document Capture Software, we can be extend your solution with our Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) to deliver even more powerful document capture.

Kofax Capture Enterprise Edition - Scalability when you need it

For customers who rely on Kofax Capture for mission-critical applications, enterprise licensing is available. Enterprise Edition offers high-availability architecture, plus remote batch moduel capabilities to enable utilization with Citrix and Terminal Services applications. In addition, this Kofax Capture 10 Enterprise Edition extends options to migrate the your Kofax Capture database to IBM DB2, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Databases.

What's New in Kofax Capture 10.1?

We are innovating all the time.  Our new user-interface has Language Packs, Browser-Based Deployment and other features.

If you are already a Konica Minolta Document Capture client, and you want to know what's new in Document Capture, you can download the latest Document Capture Datasheet, or download the Document Capture new features guide.

Need a Quote? Looking for Support?

If you need a Quote for Kofax Capture Software, or you're looking for Support for your existing Capture environment, contact us today. Konica Minolta has been working with Kofax Capture technology for over a decade, and even more importantly, we use our capture software in production every day. We are truly your Kofax Capture Experts!