Kofax TotalAgility - BPM & Dynamic Case Management

Kofax TotalAgility is a BPM and Dynamic Case Management platform that enables organizations to achieve significant operational gains through better management of processes.

BPM Dynamic Case ManagementMore efficient, flexible and better executed business processes mean lower costs plus greater and earlier ROI. This solution is able to deliver both business process management and dynamic case management in a single platform. For large corporations and governments agencies who are dealing with cases and/or patient records, lawsuits and insurance claims this type of solution really provides the increased efficiency and workflow needed to excel and become more profitable. 

Theres a difference between Business Process Management (BPM) and Dynamic Case Management (DCM). They are similar in the fact that they both work to improve task management and workflow, but they differ in the fact that BPM focuses on the complete definition and control of structured, repeated process , while DCM works on a more ad hoc  basis to manage dynamic, unstructured processes. So it depends on how your business processes are structured, BPM may be the solution that will work perfect if all of your processes are well structured and predictable most of the time. If your business processes are more "untamed" and lack that repeatable structure then DCM would be able to handle your specific case scenarios.

Our Solutions Helps Organizations:

  • Achieve continuous process improvement
  • Deliver organizational transformation for a competitive advantage
  • Reduce costs associated with standardized and repetitive business processes
  • Support the efficient delivery of non-standardized or unpredictable business processes
  • Ensure compliance to industry regulations (e.g. SOX and HIPAA)
  • Reduce errors and improve exception handling
  • Deliver increased ability to respond to changing organizational and market conditions
  • Deliver improved visibility of operational performance, to process and task level

BPM in the Cloud Whitepaper                                   Hyundai Motor Co. Case Study

BPM in the Cloud                                                  Hyundai Motor Company