Kofax Front Office Server (KFS) | Distributed Capture

Kofax Front Office Server (KFS) allows you to take document capture further out than you ever thought possible.  Whether you need to capture images from multifunction devices or enable thin-client, web-based document scanning, KFS gives you the power to do more.

Kofax front office server

When you need to scan documents on multi-functional printers (MFP) or other scanning equipment, KFS facilitates capture and delivery of documents in real time. These documents can then be processed by our Kofax Capture or Kofax Transformation Modules before being delivered into your ECM system or other business applications. 

Don’t let your business processes continue to be constrained by antiquated fax technology, mail, or couriers. Instead DC can enable capture to begin in the front office with just a few touches of the screen or a few clicks of a mouse in a web browser. The result is a reduction of processing delays and what used to take days can now be completed in minutes.

Benefits of Kofax Front Office server include:

  • Elimination of processing delays.
  • Increased leverage of existing IT resources such as copiers and MFP devices.
  • Centralized management of multifunction peripherals.
  • Seamless integration with Document Capture and TM solutions.

If you are looking for a robust yet flexible enterprise document capture platform, then contact one of our solutions experts and begin to explore the benefits of Kofax from office server today.