Kofax Transformation Modules | Advanced Document Capture

Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) represent the best in Advanced Document capture technology.

The proven reliability and innovation of our Kofax Solutions are extended further with Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM), replacing document sorting, classification, and manual data entry with automated document classification and data extraction. The result is reduced costs, improved efficiency, and increased profitability.

If your business needs to increase processing speeds, reduce processing costs, and improve regulatory compliance, then KTM offers you the tools you need to take your business further. 

Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) - This technology, sometimes simply referred to as 'classification,' allows enterprises to rely on software to sort and recognize different documents with little or no manual intervention. This is where KTM shines with it's exclusive algorithms and expertly tuned approach, KTM solutions can be delivered in a fraction of the time, and with orders of magnitude more success than competitive technologies. 

Kofax Tranformation Modules work with our Document Capture solutions, and is designed to serve as the one capture solution for all content throughout an enterprise, allowing organizations to capture PDF's from emails, paper forms from the mail, and electronic data received via FTP in one, easy-to-use, consistent interface.

The power of Kofax Transformation Modules is in its ability to perform:

Automated Data Extraction (ADE) - Once content has been classified, the next stp is to extract the keyword information from documents and provide a method to retrieve these documents. This technology has been refined since its early efforts with Xtrata, Xtrata Pro, and Advanced Forms, which all provided the pedigree for today's class-leading solutions.

In addition, with KTMs latest version, this solution has improved to include new features like:

Native PDF Support - Ideal for environments where faxes, and other office documents are coming in to the system in PDF Format. With native PDF support in TM, there is no need to convert images prior to processing, and ensures that clients can leverage a single solution for all content, paper or electronic.

Benchmarking Improvements - TM provides new benchmarking tools to compare results and continually monitor and improve Automated Document Separation, Classification and Extraction. The result is a higher return on investment for clients.

Search and Matching Server - Taking database validation a step further, Search and Matching Server enables extremely fast data lookups for very large databases with 64-bit Support, load balancing, and additional high-availability features.

If you are looking for Intelligent Document Recognition and Advanced Content Capture, then Kofax Transformation Solutions are the answer. Contact one of Konica Minolta's experienced Solution Consultants today to discuss your capture needs and design a solution to accelerate your business.