Losing Track of Your Documents

The Problem: Tired of Losing Documents?

document storageIt's safe to say that most people at one time or another have lost or misplaced an important document or receipt. We search, retrace our steps, and hope that it will turn up, but in most cases it doesn’t. After you have lost a document you have to either re-create it or find another way to get a copy if there is one. How much time have you spent searching for and re-creating those documents? When you think about this on a small scale you may not see how this makes a big impact on a company, but it does. Think about if everyone in your organization does this, then that amount of time wasted is huge.

Sound Familiar?

  • I cannot easily find all the content I need when I want it.
  • I need to be able to respond to requests quickly.
  • My staff needs finger-tip access to all relevant documents to keep them efficient and productive.
  • I am tired of manually determining where records are in my business.
  • I need a better way to classify my documents during the scanning process.

The Solution: ECM                                                        

Never lose another document or waste time searching for a file again.                                              

ecmWith an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution you will be able to store your documents in one central location granting access to only the people who need it. This improves both the time it takes to track down your document and the security of your information. Instead of slow turn around times to pull wanted documents, you now can pull up any document or piece of information by doing a simple search and retrieve in your ECM system.  

Now businesses are realizing that losing a document is much greater than the cost of not filing it or capturing the information correctly. It’s a matter of wasted time, money, energy, and the risk of lawsuits. It is extremely important that we protect and manage our documents and information responsibly and efficiently. If you need some guidance and insight on how to improve your processes or how to start new ones, then Contact Us , we would love to help.