Are You Too Busy with Low-Value Tasks?

The Problem: Too Many Repetitive Tasks?

Most organizations have some version of the low-value task.

sticky notes listA low-value task is any small task that takes up your time from more important tasks that actually benefit the organization and work to increase revenue. Often those tasks involve moving paper from one person to the next. 

Stop and think about that for a minute. Think of the time wasted on the low-value tasks of calling the main office, finding someone to retrieve the file, time spent retrieving and faxing the file, and reviewing the fax once it comes across. Now consider a student requesting transcripts from their registrars office and how that starts a chain of low-value tasks that ultimately impact service times and member satisfaction. It makes a difference and is holding your business back from reaching higher levels of efficiency. 

Sound Familiar?

  • My employees are engaged in repetitive, low-value tasks like a lot of keying to get accounting transactions into the ERP system.
  • I need them creating value – with patients, with customers, with students, actively engaged in customer service.

The Solution: Increase Employee Productivity with ECM  

Employee ProductivityHaving the ability to empower your employees to be proactive and manage their business's information and documents to make the approved changes when the need arises is huge for an organization. Every process that you can automate will ultimately lower costs and increase efficiencies. It's important to evaluate our departments and pinpoint the areas in which we can improve and make them better. This is a process; it does not happen overnight. It starts with a conscious decision to make your business processes better. 

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions like OnBase have transformed the way many businesses manage their departments, projects, and workers. Once they started having the ability to control all of the incoming and outgoing documents, information, and communication, they realized the saying "Work Smarter Not Harder" had more weight to it than they had realized! Many of the business processes like Accounts PayableHuman Resources, or Engineering are very paper-intensive that involve a lot of people and many documents that end up being scattered into a variety of different folders, filing cabinets, and disconnected systems. Having your business-critical information spread out like that is not a recipe for success or efficiency. Try taking our consultative approach and let us help you utilitze ECM to streamline your processes and to cut down on the low-value everyday tasks.