Failure To Maximize Your SharePoint Solution

The Problem: Not Using SharePoint To Its Full Potential?

sharepoint-collaborationWe understand the key to your business’s success is enabling information management in a controlled, yet end-user transparent environment. The use of Microsoft SharePoint combined with our associated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions helps reduce costs, optimize business processes and adhere to industry compliance. We know that 78% of Fortune 500 companies are SharePoint users, but the percentage of those who are using their SharePoint system to its fullest potential is much lower. 

Business areas to improve on within SharePoint:

  • Storing, organizing, and locating documents
  • Ensuring the consistency of documents
  • Managing metadata for documents
  • Protecting documents from unauthorized access or use
  • Ensuring consistent business processes (workflow)

The Solution: Improve Your SharePoint Solution with ECM

content-management-system-cmsThe vision for ECM is that everyone should be able to access exactly what they need, when they need it, from whatever device or application they are using. And you can recover time spent searching in multiple locations for documents and waiting for files to be pulled or delivered. Allow your customers, constituents, students, and employees to complete forms or make requests online. Having the ability to provide real-time visibility into the status of requests, transactions, and online requests is exactly what your customers are expecting from you. 

When you improve the enterprise, you improve the customer experience. Not only will we configure SharePoint to maximize efficiency, but also recommend and train your staff on the best practices and ECM solutions for scanning, indexing, releasing to SharePoint, and retrieving documents based on metadata queries. Configuring SharePoint properly and implementing processes to use it correctly are the keys to success and are essential to promote user adoption and acceptance.