Nintex Workflow Automation Solutions

The Nintex workflow solution has been around since the inception of workflow automation software and has pioneered the industry ever since. Konica Minolta is one of the world’s leading Nintex partners.

The goal of the Nintex workflow platform is to help your business processes work seamlessly, efficiently, and easily:

  • Easy to automate
  • Easy to improve
  • Easy to monitor
  • Easy to govern
  • Easy to understand

Enable Your People

Workflow participation must be painless if it's to be successful. Nintex brings the work to you instead of making you learn yet one more system or requiring that you click on yet another link. We integrate your workflows with social media, instant messaging programs, content, email and applications you already use.

Make It Easy to Use

Our clients appreciate the Nintex drag-and-drop workflow designer, which saves valuable IT staff time. Nintex achieves this by focusing on being easy (reducing steps) rather than by being simple (reducing choices). It's how the platform is powerful enough for elaborate enterprise work but approachable enough for everyday departmental work at the same time.

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