Workflow and Business Process Automation

The OnBase Business Process Automation modules provide functionality that increases productivity by reducing manual processes.

By creating flexible yet robust automated business processes, organizations of all sizes can realize the following benefits:

  • Reduced labor requirements by eliminating tedious manual processes such as distributing items through inter-office mail
  • Greater consistency in applying business rules and procedures by limiting users’ ability to go outside of the accepted system
  • Support for compliance initiatives due to greater control and easily accessible audit trails
  • Increased accountability through administrator visibility into past activities and current status
  • Higher productivity that results in increased throughput/reduced cycle times

Business Process AutomationIn a typical scenario, e-forms are used to kick off automated workflows that drive business processes that can range from straight through processing of an invoice, approval of a loan package, creation and review of an insurance underwriting file and much more. Decisions can be automated entirely through point-and-click configuration of system business rules, or users can be asked to make decisions based on the documents or forms presented to them. E-Forms and Workflows can also be generated directly from a line-of-business application (e.g., ERP, CRM or other information system) integrated with our OnBase ECM solutions through application enabler. WorkView is used to create multiple views of these processes, including those that involve governance, risk and compliance, and can be used in conjunction with Workflow to create highly collaborative environments from which to monitor, manage and track all interactions around a business process, including human interactions.

Integration for Microsoft BizTalk provides a front-end solution for business processes that use BizTalk to reconcile data existing in multiple line-of-business applications but also require a user interface in order to expedite the business process. The forms creation capabilities of ECM from BizTalk data can automatically procure required documents using information that already exists in other systems, as well as facilitate workflows that require documents and user decisions. Documents and keywords can be shared back out to the BizTalk environment for the benefit of other applications, keeping disparate business applications up-to-date with a greatly reduced dependence on manual updating of duplicate data to multiple applications.

Throughout these processes, the Digital Signature and Signature Pad Interface provide the ability for approvers or applicants to sign documents within your system, either electronically or physically. As a result, organizations have an additional layer of validation and accountability to complement the enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of an automated solution.