Disaster Recovery Services

There are no guarantees that human error, hardware failure, natural disasters and other unforeseen factors won’t affect your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) database, data or backup integrity, but our Disaster Recovery Services increase the odds that your mission-critical system won’t be compromised.

This suite of data validation and disaster recovery services are designed, operated and supported by Konica Minolta, our intimate knowledge of the software makes our Disaster Recovery Services the best option for maintaining and restoring the integrity of an ECM database and/or Disk Groups ensuring information validity and, ultimately, providing peace of mind. Our optional Hosted Disaster Recovery Site ensures real-time replication of your ECM solution in a hosted environment, ensuring immediate availability in case of a disaster.

Disaster Recovery Services can play a critical role in Governance, Risk and Compliance initiatives by

  • Supporting disaster recovery/business continuity strategies
  • Verifying the integrity of the database and ensuring content is present and accessible
  • Allowing personnel to focus on core business tasks
  • Reducing infrastructure and management expenses.

Like ECM software, Disaster Recovery Services provide a comprehensive modular solution that can be rapidly implemented according to an organization’s unique requirements. Your users can choose from distinct Disaster Recovery Services for Database/Disk Group Validation and onsite or hosted recovery to meet their organizational goals.