OPEX AS7200i

OPEX AS7200iBrochure

The OPEX AS7200i Sets the Standard for Mailroom Automation Equipment. With an integrated Extraction Desk designed for straight-through item processing and capture, the AS7200i offers a high-volume envelope extractor along with one of the finest scanners available today.

The OPEX AS7200i is the only scanner in the world that offers high-performance drop-feeding, packet-feeding, and auto-feeding., each of which can drastically improve the capture throughput for even the most demanding applications. In addition, the AS7200i can scan output Black & White, Color, and Grayscale   Images and perform in-line recognition of barcodes, optical character recognition (OCR), optical mark-sense recognition (OMR). Combined, these features mean more productivity with less labor, resulting in drastically increased operating efficiency for your organization.

The OPEX AS7200i Mailroom Automation Scanner offers market-leading document capture features including:

  • Capable of Opening , Extracting and Capturing Hundreds of Items per Hour.
  • Scanning Speeds of up to 120 Pages Per Minute (240 Images Per Minute)
  • Up to 300 DPI, Duplex Document Capture in Color, Bitonal, and Grayscale
  • In-Line Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Barcode Recognition, enabling post-scan sorting and faster identification of specific document types.
  • Optional Kofax VRS, MICR Recognition, and Integrated Keypad for Better Images, Faster Data Capture, and More Reliable Batch Management Capabilities.


To learn more, contact Konica Minolta to schedule a Mail Study and find out how much an OPEX AS7200i can save your organization.