OPEX AS7200t


True production scanning applications demand performance, and the OPEX AS7200t delivers. The AS7200t offers a truly unique capture solution designed to reduce document preparation and post-scan processing.

The OPEX 7200t is designed to capture intermixed documents with and handle the widest range of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. The AS7200t also eliminates the need to transport, batch, prep, and sort documents prior to scanning. In just one pass, forms, checks, legal-sized documents, business cards, claims, receipts, file folders, and most other documents can be scanned together with little or no preparation.

The OPEX AS7200t offers market-leading document capture features including:

  • Scanning Speeds of up to 120 Pages Per Minute (240 images per minute)
  • Up to 300 DPI, Duplex Document Capture in Color, Bitonal, and Grayscale
  • In-Line Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Barcode Recognition, enabling post-scan sorting and faster identification of specific document types.
  • Optional Kofax VRS, MICR Recognition, and Integrated Keypad for Better Images, Faster Data Capture, and More Reliable Batch Management Capabilities

So whether you need to scan Medical Charts, Insurance Claims, Accounting Documents, or any other type of documents, contact Konica Minolta to review the value proposition that an OPEX AS7200t can offer to your organization.