Public Housing Authorities FAQ's

  • I have to have paper, I work with HUD…

Our solution allows faster retrieval of documents, the ability to move paper documents to lower cost storage locations, and uses the power of databases and workflow automation to quickly and painlessly identify areas where documents are missing, before HUD audits your files.

  • How do you get the paper in?
    • Konica Minolta has a range of ways to bring documents into the system, allowing a solution that meets the current agency’s needs and processes, including:
      1. Barcoding can speed up the “filing” of electronic versions of documents and the processing of standard forms.
      2. Fax integrations that allow faxes to come directly into your system and then, using workflows, route it to staff people that must act on it.
      3. Methods for auto-filling keyword sets to automate the “filing” of electronic versions of documents.
      4. Drag-and-drop
        • How do you get the paper out?
          • ECM systems offers a number of ways to retrieve documents:
            1. Search by a keyword like a contract, property or tenant ID number.
            2. Search by a date range.
            3. Search by a type of document.
            4. Custom queries can be created that fit the way staff references and files documents, e.g. tenant ID, property ID or other existing filing system.
            5. Printing is available if needed.
            6. Documents or a related set of documents can be emailed from your ECM system using standard email programs like Outlook.
            • How does it work with the databases I have to use to talk to and report to HUD?
              1. We have a solution that enables you to connect with an application so document storage and retrieval can be integrated with the databases you need to talk to HUD without expensive custom programming.
              2. Staff can work within their typical PHA databases (Project Portfolio, HAPPY, Tenmast, Emphasys) and access documents from within this familiar environment when they need to consult documents stored in your ECM system. This reduces the amount of training PHA staff members need to effectively use the benefits of a Konica Minolta solution.
            • Protecting tenant data is critical, how does your system protect this confidential data?
              1. Access to documents can be managed down to the type of document.
              2. Redacted images can be maintained separately.
              3. Documents can have notes attached but are read-only, they cannot be altered once saved in your ECM system.
              4. Our security and privacy options add additional protection to safeguard confidential tenant information, providing more security than paper files.
            • How can I see how a document is accessed?
              1. We have an easy-to-use audit trail called “Document History” to track all aspects of how a document is accessed and what actions have been taken with regard to the document (workflow).
            • I have file cabinets for storing documents and I don’t need to get rid of paper, why should I buya new solution?
              1. Using workflows, PHAs can re-discover time and allocate more staff time towards staff-intensive tasks with huge customer impact. The power of computers can quickly locate or determine where documents are missing and move documents through offices and remote locations faster than paper files can move and with less labor time.
              2. Our solutions can be used as part of a PHA’s proactive strategies to respond to HUD’s RHIIP effort and can demonstrate the PHA’s efforts in support of this initiative.
              3. With our solution, managers can see the progress of documents as they move through the office, uncovering bottlenecks, noting areas that need more staffing and finding documents from their desk rather than trying to locate a paper file in someone’s cubicle.
            • How will I maintain the system after it is installed?
              1. We provide training resource so your IT staff can expand the use of our solution after the purchase.  Use of our system and its expansion to more areas of your organization does not require expensive customized solutions to return value on your initial investment.