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Real Estate Organizations Thrive With Our Enterprise Content Management Solutions 

property managmentWe know that you need to streamline your document processing procedures and adopt technology solutions to manage your weekly mountain of paperwork. This will help you from drowning under countless, multi-page applications, contracts and leases.  Let us help you manage the paper and increase efficiencies for not only storage and retrieval, but your entire workflow process. 

For your organization to maintain and lease out properties, managing this vast quantity of paper is no easy task—and it’s just one aspect of the business’ operations! 

That’s why successful property management companies are making significant operational changes to transition their document processing procedures, and technology solutions to fit their current and future business needs.

Each document has to be organized and stored according to your specific business needs, making it as easy as possible to retrieve and process these files.

Konica Minolta ECM Allows Property Management Companies To:

  • Convert all incoming paper documents to electronic forms
  • Upload electronic files to an online repository
  • Create workflow rules to electronically route documents through approval processes
  • Through automation and collaboration, store a plethora of business documents and track and manage the often lengthy approval processes

Benefits Provided to Property Management Organizations Utilizing Konica Minolta ECM:

  • Meet diverse industry compliance needs: Allows companies to address everything from Federal Property Management Regulations to regional/local housing directives 
  • Simplify new location setup:  Uses a central depository to push out information such as lease templates and housing contracts to promotional materials and other documents  
  • Improve customer service: With real-time access to payment information, leases and other client records  
  • Increase office productivity: Through electronic document routing and retrieval processes, which reduces delivery time and helps eliminate lost or misplaced forms  
  • Decrease storage needs: Reduces (or eliminates) physical file storage needs, so costly real estate space can be reallocated or decreased   
  • Provides online access: Allows authorized employees, partners, and customers to collaborate and download certain documents

Real Estate Customer Success Profile:

Property Management

Customized Content Management Solutions Help NewMark Merrill Move from a Reactive to Proactive Management Stance

Customized content management solutions help NewMark Merrill  move from a reactive to proactive management stance. This company was being buried by an overload of paper documents and files that were difficult to share and collaborate with across offices. In addition, the files were taking up a huge, and expensive, physical footprint. See how ECM transformed their business in this customer success profile.

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In today’s fast-moving real estate market, it’s hard to keep ahead of rising demands to process, manage and maintain the mission-critical documents that move your business forward. That’s why successful property management companies are turning to Konica Minolta Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions—the key to handling paperwork with greater speed, security and cost-efficiency.