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ECM Brochure

ECM Brochures

Work Faster and Smarter by Managing Content More Efficiently 

Konica Minolta’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions transform your business information, allowing you to work more efficiently and productively. With simple solutions to capture, manage, access and govern all your content, Konica Minolta improves the flow of information and frees employees from manual tasks for improved business operations and streamlined processes.

OnBase Connector

Dispatcher Phoenix OnBase Connector

Dispatcher Phoenix, Konica Minolta’s automated workflow software application, is designed to streamline time-consuming, manual handling of documents. Now, with the addition of the Dispatcher Phoenix OnBase Connector, you can increase the power of your workflow by sending processed files directly to where you need them in OnBase.

bizhub MarketPlace OnBase Connector App

OnBase Connector

Another option for connecting to OnBase involves using one of Konica Minolta’s cutting-edge bizhub MarketPlace apps. Similar to apps used on a mobile device, but specifically designed to be used on the MFP display panel, bizhub MarketPlace apps are easy-to-use applications designed to streamline workflows, improve productivity and enhance the MFP user experience

Higher Education

OnBase resolves the needs of Salem State University - 

Salem State Case Study

Customer Success Profile

Learn how Salem State University overcame inefficient paper challenges, tedious paper retrieval processes, and compromised document integrity in this customer written customer sucess profile.

Higher Education Document Management Brochure

K-12 Education 

K-12 Solutions

Improving Information Efficiency in K-12 Disctricts

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a powerful tool for managing information, meeting compliance regulations, and improving educational results in K-12 school districts. Our ECM systems can replace your paper-intensive processes with productivity solutions endorsed by analysts, consultants, and educational end-users. 


Manage Content as Effectively As Your Manage Resources

ECM Energy

You need a better way to handle the enormous volume of documents required by your industry. Whether you’re drilling, refining, distributing or retailing energy products, an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution from Konica Minolta can help control your administrative costs, streamline your document workflow and satisfy your security or environmental protection demands.


Agency does more with less.  Cases filed, found 60 times faster, despite 40% staff reductions

government case study

Rhode Island Office of Child Support was running out of space for the 60,000 active cases.  Staff was being reduced while case loads increased. Case files were dispersed between paper files and case management files. Read this customer success profile to learn how OnBase delivered 60 times faster and centralized data and documents.

Government ECM Solutions Brochure


Help is on the way: faster answers, cheaper storage, no lost documents

Insurance Case Study

AAA Southern New England needed to resolve the challenges of lost and misfiled documents, more work with less staff, and a decision to improve customer service.  Read how scanning and workflow came to their rescue.  


Construction Industry - Process Automation

Construction Case Study

As a leading electrical contracting company, Bergelectric (Berg), headquartered in Southern California, runs upwards of 700 individual projects at any given time, which leads to a complicated paper trail involving customers, regional offices, sub-contractors and vendors. See how ECM transformed the way they ran their business.

Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage Solutions to Serve Your Customers and Grow Your Profits

Food and Beverage

In today’s high-pressure competitive environment, can your food and beverage organization maintain the profit margins you need? Are customers and suppliers increasing their expectations? Do fast-changing regulations compromise your productivity? And would streamlined, automated business processes make it easier to achieve your goals?

Financial Services

Helping Financial Service Providers Build Investor Confidence and Control Costs

Food and Beverage

Today’s competitive financial climate demands a higher standard of services, with cost control and regulatory compliance to restore investor confidence. A Konica Minolta Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution can make the difference—by minimizing the time and expense of manual paperwork, capturing and managing data regardless of format and improving core processes to speed workflow and improve profitability.


Automating Transactional Processes - Customer Sucess Profile

Manufacturing Case study

See how these leading Manufacturing Firms utilized ECM to solve their business challenges throughout their organizations. With ECM they were able to improved productivity enabling the doubling of revenue without adding staff, reduce errors of manual data entry, improve customer service and much more! 

Accounts Payable Automation - Customer Success Profile

Manufacturing ECM Solutions Brochure

Real Estate

Property Management

Property Management Customer Success Profile

Customized content management solutions help NewMark Merrill  move from a reactive to proactive management stance. This company was being buried by an overload of paper documents and files that were difficult to share and collaborate with across offices. In addition, the files were taking up a huge, and expensive, physical footprint. See how ECM transformed their business in this customer success profile.

Property Management Solutions Brochure


Speeding Distribution with Automated Processes and Improved Efficiency


Is your distribution organization overwhelmed with paperwork? Are purchase orders, invoices, inventories and compliance reports properly filed and easily accessed? Can you handle fast-changing government, insurance and environmental regulations? Are you caught between the demands of your customers and the capabilities of your suppliers? And does your business need new cost-saving strategies to stay competitive?

Accounts Receiveable

accounts receivableA Better Workflow Solution for Accounts Receivable 

Are you searching for ways to improve AR staff efficiency and reduce errors? Are you looking for better visibility into your cash flow and working capital? Do you need a faster way to track the varied credit and payment terms that govern customers and suppliers?

Accounts Payable

Accounts PayableA Secure Content Solution for Accounts Payable 

To stay competitive, your business needs fast, accurate invoice processing — but keeping track of paperwork, faxes, emails and inquiries can be a costly, time-consuming job. Are you managing Accounts Payable with best-in-class processes that save time and money?

Contract Management

Contract ManagementA Fast, Comprehensive Solution for Contract Management

Are you searching for ways to improve AR staff efficiency and reduce errors? Are you looking for better visibility into your cash flow and working capital? Do you need a faster way to track the varied credit and payment terms that govern customers and suppliers?

Human Resources

Screen_Shot_2014-12-02_at_9.03.48_AMA Total Content Solution for Human Resources

A changing global workforce, increased security demands, limited budgets, rising costs—is your human resources team meeting these challenges?