Wide Format Scanners

SD Series Scanners



Clean, sharp image quality on technical documents, sketches, and maps, SD large format scanners give companies an easy and affordable way to save time on in-house scanning activities. You get exceptional professional-grade performance with true 1200dpi optical resolution with speeds of up to 10 inch/second.

Value for Money
Contex makes it easy to scan technical documents, maps and drawings. Contex's SD4400 series is built to withstand high-volume use on daily basis and are available in a sleek and lightweight design. Maintenance and set-up is easy. With SD4400 you get a total scanning solution with leading-edge software that fits with your existing tools and business processes.

Ease of Use and Productivity
Instant-on scanning and one-touch interface saves time in loading and scanning large documents. Nextimage software and WIDEsystem drivers make scanning to file, to print, or to the network fast and simple. Intuitive software makes the scanner easy to use and maintain.

HD Series Scanners

Contex HD3600

Contex offers a full range of large format scanners for consumers & businesses. The award-winning Contex large format scanners product portfolio helps individuals and organizations to fully experience and optimize pictures, maps & cad drawings today.

Contex HD3600 wide format scanners are the fastest in the business with up to 12 inch/second scanning speeds. With two unique HD3600 models in four different configurations, choosing the right blend of speed and connectivity for your business is simple.


FLEX50i 18x24" FLEX50i Flatbed Scanner
Contex FLEX50i is designed for high-volume productivity for businesses-critical imaging tasks.
HD3600 36" HD3600 Series Large Format Scanners
Designed for the highest resolution and speed.
HD4200 42" HD4200 Series Large Format Scanners
Designed for high-volume productivity for businesses-critical imaging tasks.
54" HD5450 Large Format Scanner
Exceptional professional-grade performance with speeds of up to 12 inch/second.


New! XD2490 wide-format scanner Low cost way to scan, copy, and communicate

Contex XD2490


Time is money – especially when you make changes to plans, drawings, and documents – and have to communicate those changes to colleagues and clients. A professional wide-format scanner would help – but you can't afford one, can you?

YES YOU CAN! Now there's an easy and affordable way to scan, copy, and distribute wide-format documents, plans, drawings, and changes from wherever you work. Rugged and reliable, the Contex XD2490 24-inch sheet-feed wide-format scanner is easy to use and designed to fit the way you work– at a price you can afford. Now you can work more efficiently, while saving time and money.

  • Capturing changes to plans and drawings fast and easily
  • Scan small and large documents – up to A1/D-size
  • Share changes instantly with one-touch email
  • Make quality copies with built-in printer integration
  • User-friendly and lightweight design